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Gtumo means sacred fire and mystic teachings from Tibet.

Gtumo originated from the bibles of China called Mao Shan.

The masters embraced the bible into knowledge to prevent the invasion of black magic and to achieve perfection and enlightenment.

Gtumo goes along with Kundalini in regards to Heat Energy.

1. Gtumo Exoteric
Mastering exoteric gTumo is mostly beneficial in terms physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. Applying exoteric gTumo is very simple since it does not require any concentration matter as the healing process will occur simultaneously in holistic manner.

2. Gtumo Isoteric
Isoteric gTumo in intermediate level and is effective in non-healing process as well such as spiritual consciousness encouragement, materialization and so forth.

Practicing isoteric gTumo would enable you to survive in extremely cold weather even without any clothes attached like in Lachi Kang, near Everest peak at Himalaya.

3. Gtumo Mystic
Mystic gTumo uses distinctive spell-cast in practice for all occasions within its main purpose to enhance spiritual conscious comprehension. Practicing mystic gTumo will bringing up tremendous soul satisfaction.

Symbols: 16

Gtummo Mao-Shan-Master-$125.00

Hi Victor, Thanks a lot for the gift, Angkur attunements were very fine, subtil and sweet,surprising! Much light. Patrice.

Howdy Victor, I have just finished this Angkur and Distribution, and it was quite intense! During the first part I kept feeling like I was spinning first to the left and then to the right over and over again all the way through it, and during the Distribution I had a sensation of itching above my highest hand that continued until I had both hands on my crown chakra when the itching stopped. Thanks for making this possible. Clifford

You will receive the Gtummo MAO-SHAN Manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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