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Full Spectrum Healing

From the Founder of Kundalini Reiki: Ole Gabrielsen

Full Spectrum Healing (FSH) consists of all frequencies and is therefore able to heal on all levels. Reiki will "only" reach the green spectre (Green Ray). Imagine a rainbow: The green area is Reiki and the whole rainbow is Full Spectrum Healing. Therefore, where Reiki sometimes fail to heal, FSH will have a much higher success rate! Will also raise the success level for self-healing.

Tachyon vs. Full Spectrum Healing

Tachyon is the source of all frequencies. FSH is all frequencies. This makes FSH much more direct and targeted than Tachyon.

Prerequisite: Reiki 1 or Kundalini Reiki 1.

In this course, you will:

Learn a method to clear your past.

Find out how to make your healings more powerful.

Use distance healing.

3 Attunements in one.

Work with the Full Spectrum Angels.

Learn how to pass them on.

Course notes: one page.

Prerequisite: Reiki Master

Full Spectrum Healing -$25.00-Master Level
English or Spanish manual

Hi-Full spectrum seemed to work in two phases. One was very strong and went down from my crown chakra to 2nd chakra in about 3 minutes and faded to a point where it seemed to stop. Then it picked up and seemed fainter and more subtle in the 4 top chakras for about another 10-12 minutes. It was hard to tell when exactly it stopped because my heart was so hot and still is over an hour and a half later. I have just tried the FSH technique for clearing emotional past, and it felt incredibly potent. Much Light, Jam

Hello Victor, Thank You very much for the wonderful attunement. I felt strong energy; heat particularly in my heart chakra. I felt heat slowly moving to my sacral and then to my root chakra. I had my hands in the meditation position; I felt heat energy moving from the root chakra to my palms. It was great. Much Thanks, Love & Light, Kavitha

Hi Victor, I am practising the "Full Spectrum Healing". It is really powerful! After half hour of treatment I have felt Kundalini pulsate in the sacred bone. I also feel fresh breezes. Thanks for this attunement, Paolo

Hi, Thank you. This is a wonderful experience. Tara

Full Spectrum Healing: I loved the attunement. Yesterday I truly worked to get the best of them, and I am very much looking forward to start using the system. Diego

Thank you victor so beautiful, this wont be first time i will be back, i feel amazing like an electric buzz and i seen an angel and a rainbow as attuned just amazing thank you. Caroline

You will receive the Full Spectrum Healing Master Level manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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