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Self Initiations

AAA Angel Love
Abundance Blessings
Affirmation PDF
Age Of Aquarius-Self
Amethyst Ray of Peace
Angelic Spheres
Anti-Radiation Reiki
Archangel Israfel Initiation
Archangel Michaels Blue Ray
Archangel Michael Selenite Sword of Light
Archangel Raphael
Archangel Sandalphon
Archangel Uriel
Ask An Angel
Attunement Protection
Aura Protection Orb
Aura Sweep
Balance Out Emp
Balance Self
Bat Plant Quintessenc
Bayan Tree Empowerment
Bee Empowerment
Becoming Wabi Sabi Emp
Blaise Pascal Empowerment
Breath Hope, Self
Butterfly Energy
Chakra Cleansing EMP
Chartres Cathedral Emp
Church Madeleine Emp
Cleansing Potion
Clear the Clutter/Self
Cologne Cathedral Emp
Cosmic Light Energies
Cosmic One Symbol
Crystal Wind Emp
Daffodil Essence
Danburite Stone Radiance
Dolphin Meditation
Earth Blessing Emp
Egyptian Mantra
Elephant Ear
Energy Cell Repair
Energy Filter
Eternal Flow Love
Fourteen Helpers Empowerment
Freedom of Blame Reiki
GAIA by Leslie Wilson
Gais, Blue Lotus
George Fox Empowerments
Gerbera Daisy Quintessence
Gerrard Winstanley
Gird Your Loins Emp
God Attunements
Grape Myrtle Empowerment
Great Spirit Mother
Grounding Energy-Self
Herkimer Diamond Ray
Hibiscus Quintessence
Highland Cattle
Honeysuckle Quintessence
Hummingbird Light, Self
I Am Abundant, Self
I Am free
Invite Angels
Jack Frost Emp
Jezaels Ray of Help
John The Baptist
Lahra Reiki
Lazarus Emp
Light From Source
Living Peace
Lobster Emp
Long Time Sun Blessings
Love And Compassion
LW Achilles Heel
LW A Course In Miracles
LW Cougar Medicine Emp
LW Dragonfly Emp
LW Financial Influx Service
LW Firemen
LW Gods Power Vitality
LW Jade Ray Emotional
LW Love Forgive Magic
LW Carnelian Healing Ray
LW Spiritual Transmission
Magickal Beings Energy-Linda Colbert
Make A Wish Blessing-Self
Margery Kempe Empowerment
Martinmas Empowerment
Melchizedek Peace Activation
Mystical Skills Flow
Nectar of the Sfinx Self
Note on Hands of Jesus
Notre Dame of Paris Empowerment
Oberammergau Empowerment
Ocean Breeze Empowerment
One Spirit Chakra-Self
One Spirit Distance Attuement
Pablo Picasso Attunement
Pearl Of Life
Peter Abelard Empowerment
Planetary Ray Attunements
Planet Chiron Elizabeth Hibel
Planet Earth by Elizabeth Hibel
Planet Mars by Elizabeth Hibel
Planet Mercury by Hibel
Pool of Siloam Reiki
Psychic Protection Flame
Puffin Empowerment by Wilson
Pure Bright Energy Emp
Radiance, Ebook
Ray Of Hope
Rabbit Empowerment by Wilson
Reiki Rainbows
River Of Light-Self
Sacre-Coeur of Paris Emp
Saint Adelaide Empowerment
Saint Aidan Empowerment
Saint Ambrose Empowerment
Saint Anne Empowerment
Saint Bernard of Clairvaux
Saint Boniface Empowerment
Saint Catherine of Genoa
Saint Christopher Emp
Saint Clare of Assisi Emp
Saint Cloud Empowerment
Saint Edward the Confessor
Saint Elisabeth of Hungary
Saint Gallen Empowerment
Saint Gregory the Great
Saint Hilda of Whitby Emp
Saint Jerome Empowerment
Saint Joseph's Royal Emp
Saint Padre Pio Emp
Saint Peregrine Empowerment
Saint Thomas Becket Emp
Sea Salt Energy
Self Love Wave-Self ATT
Serenity Energy Flush
Seven Sleepers of Ephesus
Shakti Goddess by Wilson
Shamanic Wisdom of our Ancestors
Shift Your Energy Emp
Show Me Money
Spring Equinox Reiki
Teilhard de Chardin
The Planet Venus by Hibel
Tree House Magical
Universal Ray Harmony Love
The River Of Light
Thomas Kempis Emp
Venerable Bede Empowerment
Whale Spiral Song Reiki
White Protection Energy Bubble
White Tiger Spirit
Words Grace, Ebook
Yak Empowerment by Wilson

All items listed for Self Initiation are to be accepted according to the manual.

There are no chi balls for you to call in and no certificates or lineages because they are self initiations!

Audio Attunement


White Tara Reiki



  1. E-book on Self-Healing
  2. E-book on Introduction to the seven main chakras
  3. E-book on the secrets and powers of crystals and gemstones
  4. Print Out Posters Showing All Twelve Reiki Hand Positions
  5. Chakra Charts: Showing in Colour The Seven Main Chakras
  6. E-book on Interpreting Your Dreams
  7. E-book on healing protection and grounding techniques.
  8. E-book on crystals A-Z
  9. E-book on dowsing
 10. E-book on training to see auras
 11. Angel Alphabet
 12. Antahkaranas
 13. Angel Hierarchy
 14. A Guide to Awareness
 15. Art of Attention
 16. Agni Yoga
 17. Activation of the Emerald Crystal of Healing
 18. A course in Astral Travel 4 Mantras

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