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Follow Your Heart Reiki Empowerment

Founder: Linda Colibert

Life the Life You Desire Now!

Follow Your Heart Reiki Empowerment connects you to Spirit and your inner soul to help you with empowerment.

You have within you a desire to follow your heart, but often it is hard to do this and sometimes you may find you are on the wrong path.

This happens when you get distracted by everyday life and trying to take care of mundane things.

While it is true that you must meet your obligations and do what is necessary to survive in the physical world, you must also take care of your inner self, the part of you that desires to complete the work on this earth you came here to do.

Follow Your Heart Reiki Empowerment helps get you back on track and helps you identify and clear away the things that are holding you back.

As long as you resist taking action on fulfilling your desires, you will continue to have a nagging feeling deep inside that constantly reminds you that there is something more you are meant to do or be on this earth.

Follow Your Heart Reiki Empowerment also helps you to take steps toward achieving your goals by filling you with positive energies of courage, empowerment, and love. This is a fixed fee system.

Follow Your Heart Reiki Empowermenti - Master-$21.95

You will receive the Follow Your Heart Reiki Empowerment master manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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