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FLM Success Training

(Forgive, Let go, Move on)

Founded by Carla Vieira

This is a course which is especially interesting for Hypnotherapists, Kinesiologists, NLP-Practitioners and Psychologists as well as Metamorphosis therapists and Chakra balancing therapists, who are seeking to make a long-term improvement in their clients' well being and help clients to make a quantum leap towards success in life.

TThe FLM Success Training has been developed by Carla Vieira, she holds a BA, MA, MBA and Msc and works as a freelance consultant and coach. She holds diplomas in various alternative therapies including Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Hypnosis, Meridian Psychotherapy, Kinesiology and NLP (Neuro-Linguisitc-Programming). Extensive research of these modalities have led to the development of the FLM Success Training, which has proven very successful and efficient in provoking a deep-seated mental change and outlook on life in clients and with most clients reporting they were pushed a quantum leap towards success in life.

This is an innovative and highly efficient approach to therapeutic work and at present is only taught by Victor Glanckopf in the USA.

A real must for therapists seeking to expand their horizons and add an integrative approach to their therapeutic work using the best techniques from NLP, Kinesiology and Meridian Psychotherapy.

This is the ultimate training that helps you make your life a real success.

Not being able to forgive and hanging on to old memories are huge barriers for moving on in life and leading a self-fulfilling and successful life.

Deception, pain, fear translate into negative energy patterns.

These tend to accumulate over time until they turn into a negative set-up.

Because of the inner set-up causing energy blocks you experience difficulties in finding a new love, new job, starting a new career etc.

This is a two day course during which you will learn how to transform a blocked personal set-up into a productive personal set-up leading you to success.

After this course you can teach others how to use the techniques and exercises you have learned and applied.

FLM Trainer $225.00

You will receive the FLM Trainer- Master Manual via Email, All Attunement and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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