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Five Element Empowerments

"The Elements Are The Light Of The Spirit!" -Victor

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Founded by: Victor Glanckopf & Pascal Jappy

Five Elements Empowerments Workshops consist of 5 elemental Empowerments in 5 separate courses with supporting dynamic techniques.

In the 1st elemental Workshop you will receive the benefits of elemental Earth and its magickal powers.

In Elemental Earth Workshop you will also receive Empowerments to the ArchAngelic forces behind the Element.

You will also receive a special meditation to meet the mystical leader of the earth element.

Your Divine Self has entrusted you with a mission on earth; a mission independent of religious dogma, guru philosophies or "New Age" belief systems.

By following your life's purpose you are INVINCIBLE but first you must know what this purpose is.

The balance of the Elemental currents of life (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Aether) will give you clarity of vision to recognize your mission and live a divinely inspired life.

The idea of Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Ether on the planet earth has existed in many civilizations since the beginning of time.

When your subtle bodies are activated by the Opening of the Gates to the Elements of Matter, your vitality increases, your health improves, and your personality becomes balanced.

As your energy fields become stronger and purer, you project those vibrations to your surroundings and environment causing a total change for the better in all areas of your life.

Family, friends and associates will respond positively.

Your Life will flow better.

These special Empowerments and techniques will keep giving you happiness for decades to come.

These Empowerments convey the UNIVERSALITY and powers of the Five Elements in a NEW and very powerful way.

Five Elements Empowerment Workshop also contains magical ways to use each Element to enhance your life.

Five Elements-Earth Level-$125.00

Five Elements-Water-Level-$125.00
Prerequiste: Earth

Five Elements-Air-Level-$125.00
Prerequiste: Water

Five Elements-Fire-Levels-$125.00
Prerequiste: Air

Five Elements-Aether-Level-$125.00
Prerequiste: Fire

Hi, Today's call was very profitable for me, sorry if I called a bit too early. It is amazing what a little bit of instruction can make in the energies. They are really working beautifully now. I tried Aether alone after the call, with one of the techniques in the manual and that felt like bathing in a sort of energy field. Thank you so much for correcting my mistakes. I really look forward to level 2. Whether you want it or not, you are a guru. Much Light, Paul

Victor-I was guided to your site and I can't explain how. The earth and water empowerments were amazing! I woke up in the night from a dream but I was sure I was laying on earth it was so powerful. Beautiful days-Ofira

Hi, I did the three attunements for the Earth Element as the first part of the Five Elements, per the instructions in your email. My original perception and intuition about the energetics and effects of this workshop and its components was right on. Very powerful, with energy coming from high in the sky and deep from the earth and vibrating, undulating and moving through me with incredible bliss and light. Best, Dave

Victor: The Five Elements as a process is totally integrated with the final Aether Attunement. Wonderful energy that is powerful and gentle at the same time. As I indicated, it is my experience that the Five Elements is more integrated than any experience of Reiki I had and it goes deep in terms of Transcendental Clarity. Bless You!- Dave

Hi Victor, The 5 element empowerment level attunement is amazing. I activated it and saw a stream of green triangles flowing through me. The energy was very warm and tangible and i saw it as a deep green color. It is very strong and I heard a humming sound with it. I did the manifestation in the temple and received a gift! That was amazing! I understood what was given to me was a key to the dooorway to the Christ consciousness that is present in all! I can use it anytime to activate it in myself. WOW! The lavander flame attunement was a softer and gentle energy. Very nice and loving. Thnx! James

Hi Victor Looking forward to relaxing soon and doing the attunments shortly, enjoying working with dragon reiki and earth element, have to say when they flow they flow well, earth element fills me and flows for a few hours, and leaves a wonderful feeling inside. I havent tried to manifest anything but I have noticed when at work I'am taking in more money since doing the meditation daily, not sure if thats normal. Your a clever man Victor, I wish I found you years ago! Blessings Mark

Victor, I completed Attunement 1 and it was very powerful. I felt the energy rising up from within the earth through the base chakra and to the crown, and a circular process took over, or reciprocal. It was flowing in a very balanced way and very peaceful, but strong. This energy is exactly what I needed, and the wisdom. I have much work to do in this area. Clara

Hi Victor, I successfully completed the 3 Five Element Empowerments Earth Attunements. Quite powerful stuff! Much Light, Peshan

Hi Victor, The Fire attunement is very interesting. With the Earth one I felt the energy and vibrations pulsing through my body. The Water and Air ones were more gentle and soothing. I have only done the first part of the Fire attunement and where I put my hands my body shakes! I feel a lot better and energised~ Look forward to learning more. Many thanks and kind regards Ruwan

You will receive the correct Five Elements Empowerment Earth/Water manual via Email, All Empowerments, emailed certificate, Protection Talisman. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

Five Element Empowerment Self-Realization Series consists of Elemental, Planetary and home study levels but no one ever need take another level as All levels are complete within themselves.

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