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This Feng Shui manual will help you obtain a harmonious relationship with and an intimate acquaintance of the forces of nature, which ultimately brings wealth, health and happiness to you, as well as to make our environment a better place to live.

This Feng Shui manual gives an in depth understanding of the basic FengShui concepts that prove to be highly invaluable to you in all walks of life.

This Feng Shui manual is of immense benefit to all those who want to live a healthy, wealthy and happy life. This course focuses on investigation and rectification of possible faults in your living environment, which, if not addressed appropriately, may cause disharmony between you and your environment leading to a negative impact on your well being. Also note that the remedial measures suggested in the course are completely non-invasive techniques, i.e. you do not need to do any expensive alterations or structural changes to your house/building.

If you are an Interior designer, architect, Civil/Structural Engineer, real estate agent, home maker, etc then you will find this course very interesting and a value add to your profession.


What is Feng Shui
Five Elements
Lo shu square
Introduction to Yin & Yang
Importance of Chi
Ba-Gua/ PA KUA
Chinese Calendar
FengShui Schools
Shape and Form School
Compass School
Eight House Theory
Kua Number
How to Calculate Your Kua Number
The Four Best Directions (Auspicious Directions)
The Four Worst Directions (Inauspicious Directions)
Four Symbolic Animals Concept
Celestial Animals
The Eight Enrichments
The Eight Trigrams
The Eight Enrichments
Shape & Form School FengShui
Shape and the Elements
Water FengShui
Building Shapes
Cut-Outs or Hollows
Center of the house
Building and the House
Main Entrance
Living Room
Dining Room
Garden FengShui
Four Symbolic Animal Concept in Garden
Applying Bagua in the Garden
Front path of the Garden
Advanced FengShui
Xuan Kong Feng Shui

Feng Shui Manual-$45.00

You will receive the Feng Shui manual via Email. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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