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Ekaterina Fedosova Courses

Please note: The Founders first language is not English so the manuals can seem confusing at times.
It is understandable and I am here to offer any assistance if it is needed.

Blow Of Wind-$15.00

Divine Essence Of Plants-$15.00

Eternal Flow Of Magic-$15.00

Healing Blanket-$15.00

Magnetic Kundalini-$20.00

Magnet Of Consciouness-$20.00

Place Of Power Moscow-$15.00

Reiki Family Tree-$15.00

VIP Golden Tibetan Singing Bowl-$25.00

$15.00 dollars for ANY single Course Below:
Email (shantivictor@gmail.com) the name of the course you want

  1. Aloa Vera
  2. Angelite Purification Sigil
  3. Angels Of Coin 999
  4. Angels Diamond
  5. Angel Friend
  6. Angel Magic
  7. Beauty Salon
  8. Business 999
  9. Clean House
  10. Cleansing From Gifts
  11. Diamond Cat
  12. Diamond Black Orchid
  13. Essence Of Money Coffee
  14. Etheric Dragon Athame
  15. Fate Anew
  16. Flow Of Kinesiology
  17. Fire & Sword Reiki
  18. Golden Dragon Of Light
  19. Grace Reiki
  20. Lady Cat
  21. Lady Popularity
  22. Lakshmi 999
  23. Lightness Of Being
  24. Magic Bouquet
  25. Magic Oil
  26. Magic Healing Soul
  27. Magic Of Glamour
  28. Magic Moon Reiki
  29. Moms Love
  30. Money Cat
  31. New Air
  32. New Fire
  33. New Hearth
  34. New Relaxation
  35. New Water
  36. New White Priestess
  37. Nutritional Reiki 1
  38. Nutritional Reiki 2
  39. Pink Luxury Reiki
  40. Power Of President
  41. Protection Ki Vibration
  42. Silver Ice Shield
  43. Strengthening Muscles Reiki Level 1
  44. Strengthening Muscles Reiki Level 2
  45. Sugar Reiki
  46. The Light Code Of Ambrosia
  47. The President Escort
  48. Thread of Pleiades
  49. VIP Success & Luck
  50. VIP Womens Health
  51. Vitamin D3 999
  52. White Gold Pleiades

Email-The Name Of Course You Want-Above
All Are Master Levels-$15.00 each

You will receive the correct Ekaterina Fedosova Master manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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