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Eye Of Horus Mystery School Horus

Eye Of Horus

Eye Of Horus Mystery School Horus


Empowerments To An Authentic Ancient Mystery School!

Founded by: Victor Glanckopf

Prerequisite: Any Advanced Energy Work

The Jewel OF Horus {Finding the LIGHT in the Finite For Infinite Ascension} is the greatest of all treasures!

Therefore He who possesses this 'Light' is rich beyond the calculation of man; he is immortal because reason takes no account of death and he is healed of ignorance - the most loathsome of all diseases.

The Eye Of Horus Mystery School teaches you about the 'Divine Power' that all men seek.

The Eye Of Horus Mystery School contains powerful Empowerments & techniques.

The Eye Of Horus Mystery School is about the Ancient Egyptain Science of Energy.

The Eye Of Horus Mystery School combines previously hidden Egyptain methods with NEW energy discoveries!

"To the Adept ALL is perfect love, which transmutes all that is base and "raises" all that is dead. The highest wisdom consists in this, for man to know himself! Let the high enquirers and searchers into the deep mysteries of nature learn first to know what they have in themselves, and by the divine power within them let them first heal themselves and transmute their own souls, if that which thou seekest thou findest not within thee, thou wilt never find it without thee."

HORUS style=

He who desires the primacy amongst the students of nature, will nowhere find a greater or better field of study than himself.

Therefore will I here follow the example of the EYE OF HORUS MYSTERY SCHOOL and proclaim:

"O Man, know thyself; in Thee is Hidden the Treasure of Treasures."


Including Eye Of Horus MER Tantra Initiation & Technique for Enlightenment!

Many of these Empowerments have
not be activated in many Millenniums!

The Eye Of Horus Mystery School
contains rare Empowerments!

Eye Of Horus Mystery School-practioner-$375.00

Hi Victor, The Attunements to Eye of Horus are extremly powerful, the most strong tha I have ever received at this time! I feel a tremendous heat build-up into my crown and my heart, strong energy current into my subtle fields. I see also colored orbs and I feel my body and all that is near me very charged with Divine Light. I'm eternally grateful, Olivier

Hi, I saw the Eye of Horus the falcon, orion and sirius, eye of god, black piramid, egyptian book of the dead. I felt a very cold wind and strong pressure on my head. Thank you very much it was very powerful. thank you, have a nice day, Orly

Hi Victor, Thanks for the Anima Mundi Attunements and the Eye of Horus Workshop. They have great energies. I'm practicing the meditations and I enjoy them. I began today with the Anima Mundi meditations and I felt a strong energy all over my body. I'm very grateful, Light and Harmony, Juan Carlos

You will receive the Eye Of Horus Mystery School Manual (50 pages) via Email, All Empowerments and a Printed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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