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An Ultimate Energy System for reaching
Divine Consciousness & Ecstasy!

Founded by: Victor Glanckopf

Extasis refers to the Greek term meaning a state of ecstatic comtemplation.

The Empowerments in this Workshop can lead to this wonderful state.

Alternative goals of this Workshop are to promote increased vitality, health and personal growth.

Extasis contains the Attunements & Empowerments for the new Aquarian age.

Extasis Attunements work with specific frequencies of energy formally only available to ancient Mystery School adepts.

Extasis energies become stronger with use and can equal hours of pranayama and meditation.

The first Extasis Initiations are applied not only to chakras but at different secondary circuit points along the physical body and the etheric matrix.

Extasis is a powerful and dynamic aspect of the Kundalini Force, accounting for the fact that the energy keeps building long after each application.

First Extasis energies physically unites the spiritual fires of your system for a strong rejuvenating affect.

There are other supporting empowerments including White Flower Molecular Rejuvenation Shakti, rarely made available to modern man.

WFMR energy radiates and rejuvenates the physical body from the molecular level.

WFMR revitalizes you at very deep levels.

This Workshop is strictly for advanced adepts accomplised in at least 3 energy systems and oath page signed before beginning training!

EXTASIS-Level 1-$550.00
Over 50 Empowerments (65 page manual) plus-Protection Talisman

EXTASIS-Level 2 $550.00
Over 40 Empowerments (75 page manual)

EXTASIS-Levels 1 & 2 -$950.00
Over 90 Empowerments

Hi Victor, I've just received the Extasis Attunements and it was a great experience. The first ones were softer, but the last ones were much stronger. I saw a celestial being with hug wings. I felt some energy at my back and in my chest, and temporary and little pain in my head. I'm very grateful, Victor I wish you Light, Love and a lot of Blessings Juan

Hi Victor, Truly amazing-peace, Jim

Hi Victor, Thanks for the wonderful EXTASIS Workshop. Last night I received the attunements and most of them were soft, but suddenly a lot of tingles in the crown chakra and a warm wave in the spine. I saw Sacred geometry images and a celestial being. I began to practice and I really like the energies, especially when I do the Pineal Shakti. This is the most complete and profound workshop that I received at distance. Now I have a lot of work with so many and beautiful meditations. I theink that they'll change many things in my life. I'm very grateful!!! Light and Blessings, Juan

Hi Victor, I have successfully completed all attunements. I am working through the pdf ebook. The attunements were really good! I had several which opened my crown chakra. I experienced a lot of heat and cold doing them. I am humbled to have received them. Extasis has been on my to do list for some time and it covers a lot of topics too. Lots of things to learn. Much Light, Pesh

You will receive the correct Extasis Manual via Email, All Empowerments and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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