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Energetic Buddhism

"The Miracle Of Energetic Buddhism Is Happiness & Emptiness" -Victor!


Founded by: Victor Glanckopf

Humanity is poised for evolutionary jumps in their mental and spiritual bodies.

Energetic Buddhism through its powerful New Attunements and Initiations will bring profound harmonization of your body, mind and spirit!

This system contains a remarkable number of innovative and lost Empowerments for the new millennium which can give you a glimpse of the "True Nature of reality."

Energetic Buddhism is very transformative!

Energetic Buddhism new frequencies of energy transmissions have proven to be a very precious alternative to words without experience.

Your energy fields will be spiritually transformed as you experience the profound energies of the masters!

These energy transfers will guide explorations of your consciouness as it uncovers the mysteries of the deep realms of your mind.

A great master once said: "There are two modes of knowing - through argument and experience. Argument brings conclusions and compels us to concede them, but does not cause certanity nor remove doubts in order that the mind may remain at rest in truth, unless this is provided by experience or Attunement or Initiation."

Energetic Buddhism will give experiences of your soul through Attunement and Initiation and new techniques.

We humbly invite you to take part in this great adventure with us!

The Illusory Body Is Adorned With Great Beauty And Blazes With Great Varja Light!

Energetic Buddhism Contains 15 Empowerments


  1. White Parsol Initiation-Level 1

  2. Varja Pyramid of Light Initiation-Level 1

  3. Solarization of the Mental Body Initiation

  4. Amitabha Initiation & Technique & Attunement

  5. Superb Bliss Empowerment

  6. Varja Energy Wave Breathing

  7. Special Varja Meditation Initiation
  8. Science of Tratak with Secret Mudras & Mantra - Powerful

  9. Plus 7 More Remarkable Empowerments

Energetic Buddhism Level 1 - $350.00

Hi Victor, I successfully completed the 15 attunements. Again first class attunements Victor! I had white light in my 3rd eye area and head area during the attunements. Also, very fine body vibrations, heat and crown chakra opened 3 times. Much Light, Peshantha

Energetic Buddhism is composed of 5 levels. All Levels are complete within themselves and no-one needs to take another level.

You will receive the Energetic Buddhism Level 1 Manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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