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Empowerment Reiki is a very special Reiki system designed to help you step into your power as a powerful spiritual being and contributor to the planet. Therefore, unlike many Reiki systems, you will not learn this system in one or even two attunements.

You must first receive the individual empowerments, in the order listed below. You can take as much or as little time as you want to receive the empowerments. An empowerment is much like an attunement, only it is to raise your own vibration and clear your energy channels than to simply open up your healing abilities.

With each empowerment you will receive a distance healing. Once you have completed an empowerment, you can receive the next one n order. Upon receiving all empowerments, Reiki Masters are eligible to take the Master course and receive the Master-level attunement to pass the energy to others.

Completing all empowerments at once may trigger major clearing symptoms depending on where you are with your life! Your fears and resistance may come up to be released if you move very quickly with the energy! For this reason, it is recommended that those who are extremely new to Reiki energy take no more than one empowerment per month.

Empowerment #1: Grounding and Centering
Serves to ground the person in physical reality, to be here, now, in the present moment. It also assists the person in becoming more comfortable in the physical body. This is an important foundational empowerment, as many lightworkers and those attracted to Reiki don't really want to "be here" and tend to connect too much to the spiritual.

Empowerment #2: Releasing Resistance
Releases resistance, conflicting intentions, negative thoughts, stuck energy, and other blocks to your highest good.

Empowerment #3: Summoning the Light
Brings light into your entire being, raising your vibration in preparation for achieving your life purpose.

Empowerment #4: Integration and Alignment
Aligns your energy with your intention and your deepest heart's desire.

Empowerment #5: Stepping into Your Power
Any remaining obstacles are cleared as all elements are brought together for you to step into your power!

Prerequisite: Reiki Mastership and all 5 empowerments.

You will learn the Empowerment Reiki symbols, the special hand positions and moving meditation.

You will also learn how to attune others to Empowerment Reiki.

Individual Empowerment Reiki Attunements-$25.00

Empowerment Reiki Master-$25

ALL Empowerments at one time-$95.00

You will receive the correct Empowerment Reiki Master-level manual and all Attunements and a emailed certificate for completing the course.

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