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Ancient Egyptian Reiki

Ancient Knowledge Revealed!

Founded by: Victor Glanckopf

ANCIENT EGYPTIAN REIKI energies can be used for healing and spiritual transformation.

ANCIENT EGYPTIAN REIKI theme is "Becoming Infinity."

You will receive a special Goddess Sekhmet Initiation and learn Her protection secrets!

You will also experience a powerful Initiation to the God Amon RA and learn an ancient mystery school secret.

The current incarnation of Ancient Egyptian Reiki goes back to the ancient priesthood of EGYPT and then went to India, Tibet and Japan.

These four primary strains of esoteric energy have now reached America where they been amended and transformed for the modern age retaining its accuracy and improving its powers!

The true purpose of Ancient Egyptian Reiki is not so much physical healing as it is individual awakening and enlightenment, along with healing the Earth, and mankind.

Ancient Egyptian Reiki is a means by which you may improve the quality of your existence on this planet. Each individual who learns to heal her/himself and to heal others becomes united together in a divine network. We can all use these energies to place our hands on the Earth's surface to heal the destruction and sorrow which the Being of Earth is expressing as a part of it's overall evolution.

As we proceed into the twenty first century, Ancient Egyptian Reiki offers itself as a solution to your problems and a path of unlimited potential!

May all who would benefit from this path be guided to it!

You will learn a special Ancient Egyptian Reiki visualization for intensifying White Light & the original Violet Flame secrets.

Plus you will receive the Ancient Egyptian Reiki Anka Ra Initiation & learn the Laser Bean Technique.


Ancient RA Attunement & Meditation for self healing & fulfillment
A technique for Erasing Karma
The Ancient Egyptian Reiki ANHU Attunement.
Light Initiation powered by Seichim Force
Ancient Egyptian Reiki RA MA MANTRA ATTUNEMENT
Forgiveness Healing Exercise
Ancient Egyptian Reiki Cleaning Auras
Ancient Egyptian Reiki Vacuum Technique
Ancient Egyptian Reiki KA SA Attunement & Technique

Ancient Egyptain Reiki -$175.00

Hi Victor, The Ancient Egyptian Reiki Attunements were extremly powerful and one of the most potent that I have ever received. The left side of my body was numb even lightly paralized and I was able to hear a strong sound in my head. The current of energy was very powerful around me in the room and also into me. I have felt a shift of consciousness or higher consciousness during several hours (not ordinary). During this time I have "felt" many answers to inner questions. This Workshop is really incredible and one of the best for my evolution and it contains many answers to my quest to the Light, a great help with Eye of Horus and the other Workshops. This Workshop seems to boost my personal evolution on earth and beyond, enhance spirituality (consciousness of the Reality) and help me to channel very high divine frequency. Many Blessings, Olivier

Hi-I'm quite pleased to say that in spite of my [past] inability to Meditate effectively for extended periods -- I realize so much more about myself NOW then ever before. I had planned to do 15 minute increments -- with small breaks of an hour (or so?) between each "activation" or "attunement". As it turns out, my guides wanted five minute breaks between. It went so well, and so smoothly, I was stunned. Thank You! I feel energized, renewed, and joyful. In gratitude, Sarah

You will receive the Ancient Egyptain Reiki Manual via snail mail, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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