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Dolphin Heart Reiki

Dolphin Heart Reiki is a healing system developed by Shanti Johnson that uses sight, sound, color, light, and the essence of water to lull you back into your womb like state and become the dolphin essence that once was yours.

This system activates your High Heart Chakra. It brings toward you all the ancient truths for yourself, and humankind.

The High Heart Chakra is what you truly feel, heal, and think with, yet humankind has gotten away from this type of expression, therefore it is at times rarely used in our culture, this system activates the High Heart Chakra. This is why the Celestial Dolphins have come down to gift us with this form of healing. This manual includes many explanations, descriptions, pictures meditations, chants, and exercises for on going use in working with the celestial dolphins.

This is a 63 page beautiful manual with wonderful artwork. There are two attunements, one to the pink dolphins and one to the gold dolphins. This is a wonderful system and manual!

Dolphin Heart Reiki - Master Level-$100.00

You will receive the Dolphin Heart Reiki - Master Manual via Email and a emailed certificate and 2 Attunements. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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