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Daoist Ling Chi

"In The Midst Of Life-Here Is The Light!"

Founded by: Victor Glanckopf

Prerequisite: Any Advanced Energy Work

The goal of Daoist Ling Chi Workshop is to activate Attunements for you so you are able to balance and circulate the energies of your mind, body and spirit in the Daoist tradition.

You will learn to use energetic combinations of earth and heavenly energies to assist in speeding up your healing process.

The Daoist masters say there are 3 gateways in the body to receive Wu Chi nourishment (Supreme energy) and you will receive Attunements to all of them.

You will also receive very special Empowerments and a meditation to open the Golden Flower and Yellow Flower energetic centers!

You will be protected by the Thunder Gods and be able to use their special talisman!

You will learn a very powerful practice called 'Obtaining Clear Light'.

Daoist Ling Chi energies can be used to restore your youthfulness, intelligence and wisdom and expand your consciousness beyond the physical levels.

The Daoists sages thought that developing different levels of higher consciousness would give them immortality.

Through the Empowerments in Daoist Ling Chi workshop you will be given energies and practices to develop these higher states.

Ling-chi is the subtlest most refined of all human energies. With daily activation of these Daoist energies you will be able to refine your individual energies to very high levels.

This Workshop will enable you to enhance your spiritual awareness and improve the flow of your energy channels which will lead to higher awareness and enlightened states of mind.

Cosmic chi contains particles of energy that spiral into matter to nourish the mind, internal organs, glands and senses.

Daoist masters used the transmutation of cosmic chi to transcend death to become immortal.

The Daoists masters lived solely on the nourishment of the Divine Shen (higher chi) and explored many alternative realities. They integrated and assimilated cosmic chi to attract and absorb more of this vital force as they circulated the chi again and again until they were re-absorbed back into the Universe.

They became immortals free of all negative energy blocks and patterns.

They were pure and compassionate and their hearts over flowed with the universal field (Dao).

In Daoist Ling Chi Workshop as you activate the special energy Empowerments your intelligence and understanding will grow.

You will learn to reweave your energy fields and your evolutionary path to the light will be made known.

You will also be attuned to special mandalas and learn secret Daoist techniques!

Victor's expertise in energy work, quantum healing modalities and as a intuitive healer will guide the administration of your Attunements in the most advantageous way for you!

Daoist Ling Chi-$225.00


Hi Victor I took the attunements yesterday and have been practicing since. The first attunement felt very strong, it lasted like an hour and then I had to lay down for a while to rest and integrate. Attunements 2 and 3 were more gentle but went very deep. I enjoyed all the energies, but the Clear Light Shakti is my favorite. I also enjoyed reading your writings regarding the Clear Light and the Ground Luminosity. They really inspired me and triggered many realizations. Always many blessings and thanks for such wonderful energy system, Carlos

Your attunement is always far beyond my expectations. I practiced Qigong and meditated according to the Daoist method, but never practiced to the same level as in your attunement. With just one of your workshops, I have progressed more than I had been practicing myself for years. I can clearly feel the energy in all 3 of Elixir Fields. I can feel the energy that flows from my nose into my Elixir Fields more clearly than any training I've practiced. After meditating according to your method, I felt very happy. The brain and all parts of the body are light, ten times more comfortable than my usual Qigong training. Thank you very much for the wonderful attunement. Tan

You will receive the Daoist Ling Chi practitioner manual via Email, All Empowerments and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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