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Dandelion Wealth, Luck & Wish Attunement

Created by Elaine DeCarlo

- Etheric connections with the properties of Dandelion -

The Dandelion Wealth, Luck & Wish Attunement is a system that has been channelled by Reiki Master Elaine DeCarlo while she was drifting off to sleep one evening and was contacted by the spirit of her grandmother. Elaines grandmother would always pick Dandelions wherever she found them for their medicinal properties. Through this spiritual connection Elaine was blessed with the abilities to bring through the etheric properties of this sacred and often forgotten about Flower.

There are many benefits that this energy will bring to you, some of which are listed below:

* Attracting abundance & prosperity into all areas of your life.
* Increasing personal health and well-being.
* Adding extra energies to all wishes that are made.
* Brings new friendships and relationships into your life.
* Etheric healing for all skin problems.
* Clearing out all forms of negativity.
* Forms a protective energy shield and much more.

Dandelion Wealth, Luck & Wish Attunement - Master-$21.00

You will receive the Dandelion Wealth, Luck & Wish Attunement manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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