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Crown Chakra Awakening

"Open Your Crown, Open It Wide, The Cosmos Awaits You!" ~Victor

Founded by: Victor Glanckopf

Prerequisite: Any Advanced Energy Work

Crown Chakra Awakening Attunements will help to activate & open your crown chakra.

This brings you pure cosmic energy which will guide you on your spiritual path and allow your true destiny to unfold.

An open crown chakra is associated with divine experiences like nirvana, bliss, samadhi and Christ-consciousness.

In Crown Chakra Awakening Workshop you will learn the most important lesson: that of surrendering to 'Source.'

You will also learn that divine understanding and oneness and a greater understanding of life is a natural fact of the awakened crown chakra.

Your crown chakra is your connection to the universe on a cosmic scale.

Its complete activation brings the ultimate state of human achievement and enlightenment, that of cosmic consciousness.

You will learn that there is no need for rigid rules or dogmatic beliefs.

You will not blindly accept the rules of the Piscean authority figures as your intuition leads you to discover: "What is right for You."

The crown chakra is believed to be the point of entry of the Universal Mind of God-consciousness and complete oneness with the Cosmos.

Your sense of connection to our planet and the spiritual planes of pure consciousness will bring clarity and healing into your life!

Knowledge of all the other chakras is nothing compared to the clarity that you will receive from your crown chakra.

When the seventh chakra unfolds, any blockages remaining in the other six dissolve and their energies begin to vibrate at their highest possible frequencies.

When you are in a state of unity with the Divine, the spiritual gifts and supernormal powers you will receive are nothing compared to the expansion of your consciousness as it unfolds into infinity!

You will receive multiple Empowerments and a wonderful technique to slowly unfold your Crown Chakra so you can attain Bliss! There are also DNA Empowerments included to balance the process.

There is a powerful crown chakra audio MP3 included!

Crown Chakra Awakening-Practitioner-$155.00

Hi Dear Master! I was very sensitive on Sunday when I took attunement 2 of Crown Chakra Awakening. The attunement/energy built up lasted like an hour or perhaps longer, I lost the sense of time. It was formidable. Obviously, intense sensations and activity in the crown area, the heart, thymus was pulsating, and then intense sensation in my spine, and it felt as though it was going up, first I felt it around the sacrum, then at the area of the solar plexus and finally at the area of heart, though everything was being felt in my spine. All the best to you Victor! Diego

Hello Victor, Wanted to let you know I did the first 2 Crown Chakra Awakening Attunements and the energies were powerful and calming! I will be doing the 3rd Attunement tomorrow so would it be possible to activate the last 3 Attunements so I could do them on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Also want you to know that the Healing Prayers are doing wonders for my back and digestion. My back is looser and stomach is better. Thank you so much for this workshop and everything! Regards and Blessings, Sal

Sal You will receive the Crown Chakra Awakening-Practitioner manual & audio MP3 via Email, All Empowerments and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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