Temple Of Empowerment

Creation of The Universe Energy Block

Founded By Simon ( Andrey Sechenykh)

1. Basic Universal Energies which transform one's power to higher level, expand consciousness, resore connection with the source.

1.1. Energy of creation of the universe
It is the force that moves stars, the energy of the Big Bang.

Specificity of energy:- Carries Basic Energy of a wide spectrum of influence, including filling up with a pure energy and carrying out chakras 'action.

Fancy: A wide column of sparkling silver- blue light.

Sensation: A Strong stream of energy descending from above which is similar to a strong stream of water washes all energetic layers of a cocoon.

1.2. Energy of divine light
Caring universal energy of a wide spectrum of influence, heals at spiritual, power and physical levels.

Specificity of energy:-Carries Basic Energy, fills with pure energy, starts chakras' action. It's soft effect and clearing power, irritates the spirits and forces them to disconnect from a victim. Calms and pacifies the person, removes dark energy by dilution, corrects karma. During the consecration can provoke a withdrawal of the spirits.

Fancy: bluish light above a lotus, a stream of silver-blue light falls from the above - in a sacred temple on which altar there is a radiating white - blue bright Grail. Not blinding white ,but blue bright light which is formed in a stream and falls from above, transfusing and washing the person.

Sensation: pacification and spiritual clarification, similar to a communion.

1.3. Energy of space balance
Is a universal energy of recovery of an energetic field, increases energy tone, often is used after purification, expels spirits.

Specificity of energy: fills up with pure energy, recovers and corrects the energy after expelling the spirits, removes tribal curses and strong cursedness, related to energy of Death.

Fancy: a flying or a sitting red dragon in rays of a pink sunset, or a stream of the white energy reminding a milk flowing out of the silver inlaid Grail, which is located above the Lotus (7-th chakra). Energy falling into a lotus, forces it to shine silvery light and softly flows around the person, smoothly transforming itself into white flow descending from above, filling up the body and the cocoon.

Sensation: Filling up with energy, normalization of chakras' work. Change of temperature sensations - from cold to warm. Sensations are various and depend on a damage degree of energy fields.

2. Healing Energy of The Different Spectrum of Action, filling by energy

2.1. Energy of the Lord's Healing Power.
Shock energy for treatment of various diseases.

Specificity of energy: works with the vital organs, adjusts the system for independent elimination of the negative symptoms which cause various diseases. Activates all protective systems of the body to fight against the disease. This energy in intellectual. There is no need to direct it. It's enough only to mentally guide it towards the target.

Fancy: no.

Sensations: Various, depend on specific qualities of the person or his/her disease. The most often sensations - hands tingling. Since energy is connected to the element of water, the source of life, you can sensate or see waterfalls, springs, brooks etc. You may feel water flowing threw your body - strong raging or quiet running streams - up and down, concentrating in the palms of your hands in the shape of water spheres.

2.2. Divine Energy of Healing
Striking antineoplastic (antitumor ) energy

Specificity of energy: high-intellectual energy, adjusts immune system on destruction of the neoplasm and its consequences, regardless of its character - cancerous or benign. Destroys information that designed the tumor, disorients a process of its growth (at the cell level), lets immune system to destroy the tumor up to its full destruction.

2.3. Energy of Revival
(universal energy of restoration, regeneration and, rejuvenation of the body. Works against hormonal dysfunction, infringements of a metabolism)

Specificity of energy: works with male and female infertility, with infringements of sexual and reproductive functions, hormonal dysfunction and the organs responsible for a correct metabolism. Amplifies men and women sexual activity, quickly removes an inflammation of prostate, cystitises, both viral and inflammatory diseases of sexual nature. Energy does not influence sexually transmitted diseases. It is applied to acceleration of process of restoration of the system after traumas, complex surgeries, chemotherapy, intensifies the adaptation of transplanted organs.

This energy normalizes metabolism, forces the body to fight with any intoxication. At first an easy discomfort can appear in liver, intestines, kidneys, etc. It means that regenerative process and the general restoration of the system has begun.

2.4. Energy of Revival
Striking and healing energy

Works whenever no other energy does.

This energy is a synthesis. It combines all the energies above.

3. This energy is directed to protect and fight against curse, sorcery, negative force attacks. It works against connection with the underworld. It is used for purifying placement and for exorcism.

3.1. Energy of divine clarification
Specificity of energy: lethal energy for the destruction of energetic entities, curses' removal, including tribal ones, sorcery and negative energetic effects and destruction of the underworld connection. Energy is highly intelligent and can find negative energy connection by itself. Reaches the most deep layers of energy. Work depends on the complexity of the situation. It is used against various poltergeists and ghosts.

Fancy: Sensation of a powerful stream of the universal ruby light coming from the Big Bang. The ruby, warm stream filling all around. Light envelops the person and penetrates into his/her each cell.

Sensation: sensations are various and depend on patient's condition. Energy burns out all negative forms and energies.

3.2. Energy of darkness vision
Specificity of energy: This cosmic energy amplifies the ability to see different energy entities, black magicians, sorcery and curses including tribal ones. This energy assists and directs to define the negative energy of any kind.

Fancy: a white pigeon above an open Lotus (7-th chakra) in a stream of white light. Light passes through 7-th, 6-thand 5-th chakras. As soon as the mental veil goes away - attunement ends.

Sensations: warm ways through entire body.

3.3. Energy of divine anger
(striking cosmic energy)

Specificity of the channel: destroys the information about curses strong sorcery or strong destroying influence of group of dark magicians.

Clears any negative influence. The channel works, both as protective and an attacking. The channel works independently, stopping attempts of negative impact. Sends the negative energy back to the dark magician

Fancy: There is red light shining above the lotus flower. Hold the sword in your right hand and the shield in your left hand. It is important to feel those object in your hands.

Sensations: Purification, feeling of relief.

Energy is good to clarify the places where conflicts and quarrels are frequent.

3.4 Energy of Divine protection and patronage
(energy of protection and fight against evil)

4.1. Energy of divine wisdom
(cosmic information energy)

Specificity: establishes connection with the universe by means of internal dialogue Increases learning abilities for both -magic practice and usual disciplines. Amplifies adoption and memorization of the received information. Expands consciousness, facilitates the increasing of a spiritual level. This Energy is always open and cooperates with those who devoted to it (Frequently enhances birth skills of individual, i.e. pushes them to maximal disclosure by means of further self development)

Fancy: In an orange stream of light gradually appears, from an ether flashes, the gold sign on infinity (number 8 in horizontal position), above it as though the transparent closed eye in a fiery triangle. In process of expansion of an orange stream of light, the eye slowly opens the eyelid and starts to look on you. Look through the eye until you penetrate inside it. Fly through the tunnel until the blue shining sphere looking like a huge pearl appears. Touch it.. As soon as there is a feeling of contact, attunement is complete. Immediately open your eyes!

Sensations: sensations, and fancies at consecration are individual and various. A strong stream of energy, drain of a cocoon, active work of 4-th,5-th and 6-th chakras.

5. Energy for the Pacification and calm, at depressions apathies, adynamia

5.1. Energy of divine love
(space energy of harmony)

Specificity of energy: Energy of the love clears the physical affection. Use it at depressions. Takes away feeling of isolation. Restores the internal harmony.

Fancy: the pink soft stream of light descending from above. Above a lotus in a stream of light the luminous red rose is dismissed. It is slowly dismissed, and from its petals silvery drops of dew flow down, falling on a body of the person. Drops turn to a falling rain. As soon as it comes to an end, consecration is finished.

Sensations: The soft feeling Divine Harmony, calming the body and the soul. Feeling of a relaxation and a pacification as after the sincere pray or communion.

You will receive seventeen attunements or one big attunement where you can call in each level and will receive the manuals and certificate and lineage sent by email and you will also receive on-going support.

Creation of The Universe Energy Block -$45.00

You will receive the Creation of The Universe Energy Block master Manual via Email, All Empowerments and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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