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Cosmic Mastery

"Cosmic Mastery Determines Your Destiny" -Victor

Founded by: Victor Glanckopf

No longer is it necessary to rely on others solely for evidence of spiritual reality!

Cosmic Mastery Workshop's Attunements, Empowerments and Shaktipat are important at all levels in pointing the way forward to reconnecting you with the inner experience of the divine.

Cosmic Mastery Workshop's Attunements are a great preparation to be in a divine joyous Spiritual state free of dogma.

Cosmic Mastery Workshop's Attunements introduce you to higher energy vibrations and correspondingly to the existence of inner worlds of divine light.

The Divine Source is and has always been at the very center of all creation at the very highest vibration of Energy.

Cosmic Mastery Empowerments gives you a knowing beyond all doubt the true reality of peace, tranquility and harmony.

We are all multi-dimensional beings, concurrently occupying physical, Astral and Mental bodies, even though most people are only aware of the physical.

Everything in the entire Universe is pure Energy, differing only in the rate of vibration.

Energy exists all the way to Source! Everything is Energy including thought.

We live, evolve and have our being in a thought Universe, and it is therefore the Energy of thought that brings about creation.

The Universe is pure thought Energy vibrating at varying frequencies from the very highest down to physical reality.

The experience of separateness is nothing more than illusion projected by our senses to interpret energy, albeit incorrectly.

Cosmic Mastery Empowerments can give you the experience of higher Energy vibrations in complete accordance with divine law!

The instant you activate Cosmic Mastery Workshop's Empowerments by mental intention, the energies will activate in you!

You will become in total harmony with Divine energy.

As you integrate Cosmic Master Workshop energies into your life and Consciousness, seemingly amazing things will start to happen to you.

Cosmic Mastery Workshop's contains 7 special Empowerments with secret techniques!

Cosmic Mastery-$135.00

You will receive the Cosmic Mastery Manual via Email, All Attunements and a Printed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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