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Conscious Reiki

Conscious Reiki is Anchoring the Ascended Master Consciousness.

Founded by Pamela Caddy and Natalie Glasson

Conscious Reiki helps for you to anchor your ascended master conciousness to heal and stimulate the mental process of the human mind. It is the combined energies of Ascended Masters Seraphis Bey and Hilarian and the Avatar of Synthesis Mahatma.

Conscious Reiki is a specially formed healing energy that descends from the core of the Creator's mighty soul. It is the Creator's Ascended Consciousness. This divine and sacred energy is integrated in all Ascended Masters who have evolved through the lessons of Earth School.

This healing system will help you to have self mastery such as mastery of ones mind, emotions, actions, reactions and ensuring that all emanate love. Mastery of the mind is a major challenge for all, but the Ascended Masters wish to aid all in accepting their higher consciousness as it is a form of ascension and development.

This healing system will also aid in learning, concentration, attention, anxiety, depression difficulties which can infulence many on the Earth in a small or major way. Conscious Reiki will help support with these mental difficulties and help to alleviate the symptoms or stresses of them.

Conscious Reiki $15.00 - Mastership Workshop

You will receive the Conscious Reiki - Master Manual via Email, 1 Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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