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Clairsentient Awakening

Created By Mariah Windsong

Clairsentient Awakening opens you to the ability to feel and know the answers to questions and to perceive information at a distance.

Clairsentient Awakening arrived as a result of energies that Mariah channeled to increase her natural clairsentient abilities. Of all the psychic type of abilities that are generally listed in books and on the internet; the one that describes how Mariah works for learning the details of an energy system and when responding to client questions is clairsentience.

As you work with your Clairsentient Awakening energy you will begin to sense more than ever before. You will suddenly just know things that you are sure you did not think up. Information will be available to you in response to question you ask Eternal Sacred Source. If you start asking questions on behalf of other people, the way you receive your information will vary greatly. You may feel how parts of their body is feeling.

Clairsentience as paranormal feeling is also called: Being a Feeler, Clair Feeling, Clair Sensing, and Psychic Feeling. Clairsentience is used both for paranormal feeling and paranormal knowing.

Clairsentient Awakening - Master-$44.99

You will receive the Clairsentient Awakening manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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