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Childrens Angelic Light

Founded By Nicole Lanning

Chidlren's Angelic Light is a completely new form that attunes you to angels that primarily work with children and their issues to help them develop into well-rounded adults. This attunement can also be passed onto children, which is unlike most other forms that require the person to be atleast 18 years old. The only requirement for working with a child is that the child be able to understand and believe in angels and their gifts.

Childrens Angelic Light has 13 archangels/angels, their energies, properties, attributes, symbols and ways to work with them and much more!

The Archangels whose energies you will be attuned to in this form are:

Naarai - Archangel of Children
Barachiel - Guardian and Provider of the Children of God
Mihr - Angel of Friendships
Shushienae - Archangel of Purity
Afriel - Angel of Youth
Dina - Angel of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom
Elijah - Angel of Innocence
Yves - Archangel of Destiny
Rehael - Angel of Respect
Isda - Angel of Nourishment
Maion - Angel of Self Discipline
Samandiriel - Angel of Imagination
Verchiel - Angel of Affection

Attention: Children's Angelic Light TM may only be passed on by teachers listed and registered here Certified Teachers. The adult's version of the manual is 29 pages and covers the following: Archangel Hierarchy, Each own Archangel/Angel's attributes and background information, How to use these attributes, Atunement process, How to conduct a healing session, All Archangel symbols, Plus Master Power Symbol, Making power objects and more.

Includes $10.00 registration fee & 2 versions included.

Childrens Angelic Light-Master Level-$35.00

You will receive the Childrens Angelic Light master level manual via Email, All Empowerments, emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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