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Chephren 999 Transformation of Crystalline Matrix

Founded by: Ilona Maja'h

With the Chephren 999 Transformation very unique distant attunement you are guided through a process of empowerment with the god Anubis and Thoth to the Chephren Pyramid.

Within this pyramid you will enter what the founder calls the Sarcophagus of Transformation and Clearing.

It is during this ceremony that you will be spiritually laid within the sarcophagus where space and time will not exist.

This spiritual ceremony will last from 2.5 - 4 days and during this time deep internal clearings will occur which for some can be very intense and life changing.

This process all occurs in such a way that it is highly suitable for your higher self and soul.

After 2.5 - 4 days have passed a fusion between your physical body and soul will take place and through this fusion you will gain the ability to repeat this process of transformation and clearing whenever you are guided.

Chephren 999 Transformation-Master-$25.00

You will receive the Chephren 999 Transformation Master manual via Email, All Empowerments and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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