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Chariots of Fire Activation

Created by Tacey Loper

The Chariots of Fire Activation has been given unto us by Spirit so that we can succeed, become a successor – a strong leader in our life and path.

It will help us successfully accept the role of authority to claim our divine inheritance. We will be empowered to go out and succeed in our lives. The Chariots of Fire Activation carries the energies of Elijah, who demonstrated his magic cloak which parted the river in biblical times.

As well, these energies embody the whooshing wind and fire and horses of the Chariots of Fire which carried Elijah to the Heaven’s to carry us to where we are to be.

This Activation carries potent Divine protecting and shielding power.

The energy of this activation is strong, fierce and powerful! We activate the energy, power and Elijah like Spirit so that we too can be like Elisha and take up the Cloak of Elijah, a symbol of our authority to receive what is ours by Divine right.

We receive a double portion of spirit!!! We can pick up the cloak and step across “the Jordan” of our life path. No matter what obstacle is in our way – whether if it is real or imagined will be cleared. In working with this energy we will experience a crack between temporality and eternity which will open our spiritual eyes so that we experience the Divine’s realm, breaking into this World, where there are unlimited possibilities available.

Chariots of Fire Activation - Master-$29.95

You will receive the Chariots of Fire Activation manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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