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Chandra Aura Reiki

Founded By Sastra Vardhana

Identifying Aura

Each creature has its own energy field. Aura is an energy field surrounding the body which has different layers in several colors and rays. Auras reflect one's personality and character.

Research on the human aura began in 1935 when S. Kirlian, a professor from Russia , invented a high voltage photography machine to see the energy field surrounding human's arm and leg. This technology was known as Kirlian photography. In 1985, researchers invented a new technology called Aura Photography using sensor biofeedback in both arms and send it to camera to be printed in Polaroid photo. From this technology, we can see our aura printed in photo paper.

Chandra means moon, this gentle energy is associated with beauty. This beautiful energy of the moon is the basic of beauty itself, for instance, people always associate something beautiful with moon.

Chandra Aura Reiki combines the power and beauty of the moon to cleanse, strengthen you. The power of moon energy is like a flower of beauty or the gentle of dew. The mystical power of moon is combined into a powerful reiki system to cleanse, open, strengthen your aura.

It uses intention to activate the energy to cleanse your aura or others. The Use of Chandra Aura

Chandra Aura Reiki is very useful for:

* Cleaning impurity and negative energy within aura
* Opens all blockages in aura
* Hidden power of aura: charisma, attraction power and inner beauty
* Gives a calm and peace heart.
* Cleanses all negative emotion such as anger, hate, etc.
* Brightens the face to make it look more beautiful and handsome
* Brightens body
* Prosperity, soul mate, staying young
* Emerging self confidence

Chandra Aura Reiki - Master-$25.00

You will receive the Chandra Aura Reiki manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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