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Centaurs are creatures with the head and torso of a human and the body of a horse. In the Greek Mythology a pair of Centaurs trails the wane of Dionysus. The male one carries a mace, the female a lyre. The centaurs were a wild tribe which lived in the mountain woods of Thessaly.

The centaurs were raised on the mountain Pelion where the nymphs nourished them. With other horses they fathered further descendants. The probably best known Centaur is Chiron, a musician, seer and a doctor. Particularly his hand had great healing powers. He was the tutor of Achilles, Asclepius and Jason. Chiron is also regarded as one of the teachers of Heracles which he taught in astronomy. He approaches the people to justice and the interpretation of heavenly signs.

Magickal Correspondences

Earth and Water

Centaurs are known to be teachers in the healing arts and most practical in their teachings and helpings they have a deep occult knowledge and are very intuitive.

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