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Celestial Starseed Activation

Created by jay Burrell

Many will have heard the term of Starseed but not many will know what this title means. The term Starseed literally means that an individual/soul born on earth is a creation who has had many lifetimes on planets within other star systems, galaxies and even other dimensions and universes. Starseeds are also individuals who will quite often get excited about the thought of originating from another world or within another universe.

They will also have a strong sense of longing for their home and images of space, other planets and galaxies will often bring these feelings to the surface. Another simple yet highly effective sign that any starseed will have is a sense of aloneness, separateness or even being a foreigner on this planet or in your country of origin.

Although the sense of not being settled within the country of your birth usually indicates a previous lifetime in another country it can also indicate that there is a possibility that you have lived on earth but this earth was in another Universe. This is what Jay calls a Multiverse Universe. Through the channeling work that Jay has done over the years with his star guide Rakesh, Jay now strongly believe that our universe is just one of many universes and our earth is just one of many Earth's.

The system has been channelled to help all those who feel that they are Starseeds to cope with the changes that are occurring on planet earth as well as helping you to deal with the much denser energetic vibrations of the planet. The Starseed Activation will also help you to create a protective shield around you which will help to prevent all external energies which are not part of your highest good and lifes purpose from being present in your life.

Through this attunement you will also discover that your inner abilities will start to manifest themselves. These can range from achieving your first astral travel to learning to work with psychic gifts. You will also learn many new and exciting meditations and spiritual techniques that you can apply to your life in order to regain your starseed connections as well as your ability to communicate with the Masters, Angels and Guides.

Contents of the Celestial Starseed Activation Manual

~ Introduction to the Celestial Starseed Activation ~
~ Are you a Starseed ~
~ A Starseed Test ~
~ The Pleiades ~
~ Sirius ~
~ Andromeda ~
~ 2012 ~
~ Starseed Meditation ~
~ The Infinity Symbol ~
~ The Microcosmic Orbit ~
~ Microcosmic Orbit Meditation ~
~ The Etheric Pyramid & Meditation ~
~ The Chakras ~
~ Chakra Meditation ~
~ Psychic Abilities ~
~ Astral Travel and Out of Body Experiences (OBE) ~
~ Out of Body techniques, meditations and exercises ~
~ Celestial Starseed Activation Master/Teacher Attunement ~
You will receive ~ The Celestial Starseed Activation manual (50 pages) and Registration form will be sent to you via email. Please make sure you have adobe Reader 9 or higher to read the manual. The manual will also be password protected so no printing of the manual will be possible. If a printed manual is required please email me for more information and fee.

~ Your Celestial Starseed Activation attunement will only be sent to you after you have read through the manual and have completed the meditations and exercises within the manual. This will take between 7 - 10 days or longer to complete if performed properly. Your main attunement will then be sent to you either through a real time initiation where we arrange a convenient day and time for the distant energy connection to take place or you can receive these energies using the chi ball (call in) method.

You will also be registered on my website as a Celestial Starseed Activation Master/Teacher which will enable you to pass these attunements onto others.

Celestial Starseed Activation - Master-$42.00

Hi- I loved the Celestial Starseed attunement that I purchased from you a few weeks back. The meditations were/are wonderful and the manual was very well-written. I have connected with my home planet and continue to do so. It was totally worth the money. Overall, Victor, I have been very happy with all the attunements you provide. That is why I come back over and over again. Thank you for providing them! Blessings, Ellany

You will receive the Celestial Starseed Activation manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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