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Celestial Serenity Encoding Course

Founded By Anna May

A powerful encoded Ethereal Crystal which, when activated, can facilitate deeper and easier relaxation, meditation and peaceful states of consciousness.

This encoding may be used in combination with other vibrational healing modalities. It may also be used on a regular basis to assist in the alleviation of the symptoms of stress, sleepnessness, anxiety or nervousness.

The Celestial Serenity Encoding is a simple but powerful spiritual tool. Though this encoding is transmitted in the same way a an energy attunement, there is a slight difference in the procedure. During the Celestial Serenity Encoding, an ethereal crystal is imprinted into the energy field of the recipient.

Ethereal Crystals represent the soul of a particular stone; its properties, spirit and natural vibration. The particular Ethereal Crystal that is used in the Celestial Serenity Encoding is that of the diamond. The diamond is not only extremely strong physically, but is a very potent healing stone.

The Ethereal Diamond that is imprinted into your energy field during the Celestial Serenity Encoding, has been programmed with a specific energy message that comes to us through Celestial Light Beings. There are many groups/tribes of Celestial Light Beings and many have links to ancient civilizations on Earth. The particular tribe through which this wonderful energy frequency was received are the Pleiadians. This highly evolved spiritual beings work with us on our ascension journey; they provide support and furnish us with tools to assist and accelerate our spiritual evolution.

The Ethereal Diamond for this encoding is imprinted at the level of your Earth Star Chakra. This centre is your connection with the Earth and it is at this level that the nurturing and grounding energies of the Earth are drawn into our energy field. These energies are essential for our physical wellbeing in particular. But if the flow from this centre is impeded or neglected, we may feel disconnected from the Earth, ourselves and our emotions.

Common side effects of a lack of grounding include the following:

A tendency to over-eat in a subconscious attempt to ground the Self
Disturbed sleep/insomnia
Inability to successfully channel higher vibrational energies for healing
Inability to manifest the spiritual will consciously
A prevailing sense of disharmony
Difficulty relaxing
Feeling agitated, frustrated and fractious
Low self-esteem
Negative self-image

Preoccupation with quick fixes in an attempt to alleviate negative symptoms (which may be adoption of false beliefs, addiction and so on) A clear, strong connection to the nurturing Earth energy frequencies is not only essential to maintain a sense of wholeness and wellbeing, but it is essential for anyone who wishes to work with higher energy frequencies; without the grounding vibrations being present, higher frequencies may not be brought to manifestation on the physical plane.

The Ethereal Diamond of the Celestial Serenity Encoding is programmed to be activated through a simple technique which will enable you to achieve a state of inner-peace, groundedness, relaxation and serenity within a few minutes.

Celestial Serenity Encoding Course-Master Level-$55.00

You will receive the appropriate the Celestial Serenity Encoding Course Master Manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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