Celestial Molecular Rejuvenation Shakti

A True Shakti!

Founded By: Victor Glanckopf

CELESTIAL MOLECULAR REJUVENATION SHAKTI is a revolutionary energy, now available to the general public.

It has long been mankind's desire to achieve a long productive life, while maintaining one's competitive edge.

CMRS energy radiates and rejuvenates the physical body from the molecular level.

CMRS revitalizes your energy counterpart at a very deep level. This then transfers to your physical body at the cellular level.

Results of the CMRS energy:

1. A sense of well-being.
2. A reduction in stress and its effects on the physical body and nervous system.
3. An increase in energy, stamina, and psychological drive needed to accomplish goals.
4. An increase in self-esteem and motivation.
5. Enhanced mental focus.
6. General reduction in age related complaints.

The Empowerment process to establish the flow from teacher to student takes surprisingly little time.

Once you are Empowered, CMRS energy is yours for a lifetime.

CMRS is truly an energy of tomorrow, available today!

There are included powerful health techniques plus Elightenment Meditations in this worshop.

Celestial Molecular Rejuvenation Shakti

Hi there Victor! What I did feel more was the base chakra and sacral open. I must admit, I can feel the blockages in my spine solar plexus and heart. I am very aware that when the Kundalini flows it does show the Blockages but these two areas in my spine, I am unable, it seems, to aid in Healing or unblocking! Hence, Coming to you for your Amazing Attunements ~ they really are awe inspiring and of course the Real Deal! As the year turns, I feel more sensitive as to how important these need to be cleared, and how on the emotional and physical Levels these affect me. Blessed Be Victor! Tracey x

Hail to Victor - Thank you, friend! For your service in providing the most powerful and beautiful systems that i have ever recieved! I will use the prayer. Nun

Hi-Thank you for Celestial Molecular Rejuvenation Shakti. During the reception, the energy was very strong and was present in all the body. I have practiced this morning Red Elixir, Very "electrifying". Thank you for Zeus's Lighting Bolt. Totaly great. Since the attunement the energy flow without effort and even without intention. This energy, for me, seem to have a large extension outside the body and seem to have an very good impact on my mental. Thank you for these modalities. I like to practice them and all exercices seem to be efficient and give the opportunity to work with many aspects of our being. I'am very happy to receive your works, it's a beautiful discovery. I continue my practice and I come back soon for an other experimentation!!!!! Light. Jean

You will receive the Celestial Molecular Rejuvenation Shakti manual via Email, All Attunements and a Printed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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