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Celestial Lights

"Soul and Spirit, Heaven and Earth unite to bestow life-giving vigor as well as destiny upon man." ~Victor


Founded by: Victor Glanckopf

Above the seven main chakras there are at least 8 more major chakras which are called the Divine Chakras or Celestial Lights.

Celestial Lights inner meaning is becoming the "Beloved" or an enlightened soul. This can be accomplished by correct attunements to these higher centers of light.

When your higher centers are attuned properly you will vibrate and over flow with Divine Energy which is "ALL LOVE".

Humanity is now ready for these centers to be activated.

These higher chakras will guide your awareness to receiving communications from higher beings of light.

This energy is very powerful and useful for your spiritual advancement and for healing yourself and others.

These chakras help in clearing karma and in reaching the ultimate goal of union with the Divine Light when opened correctly.

The eighth chakra expands our intuitive thinking and helps foster the development of all our higher Powers.

It is located above the seventh chakra, where the soul is connected to the monad. It stimulates awakening of the 9th chakra.

The ninth chakra promotes a greater feeling of oneness with all creation and a knowing that self identity is not bound to one point in time and space. It promotes greater feeling of oneness with all creation. It releases your karma through greater understanding of unconditional love. It stimulates awakening of the 10th chakra.

The tenth center promotes a synthesis of what has gone before and what is to come. It promotes greater mastery of ones emotions and bestows control over all the elements so we can achieve complete mastery. It stimulates awakening of the 11th chakra.

The eleventh chakra is linked to each cell nucleus of your physical body and can rejuvenate it and expand its potential. It stimulates awakening of the 12 Chakra.

The twelfth chakra links us to God's divine spark. Divine Source energies of creativity, love, harmony and a full alignment with THE DIVINE plan are made manifest to us.

Level 1 Workshop through its powerful Attunement and importantly its techniques will correctly activate this higher chakra for you and enable you to use this energy for healing yourself.

Level 2 is the final level and it attunes a higher chakra using the same techniques as in level 1!

You will learn to reach the higher "Oneness" that is your Destiny.

Celestial Lights - $55.00-Level 1

Hello my friend, Celestial Lights , now this is awesome, When I go to the 8th chakra, in comes many guru's, teachers and buddhists monks, actually very high beings and energies, which I am enjoying very much! Thank You, Tom

Hellow Victor, It was a strange but good experience , lasted for a hour instead of 25 minutes but that is okay. First taking good breaths and relaxing getting to open up myself and when it started it got heavy into my neck and head, eyes where heavy so I closed them and then the visuals started. With Love and lots of Light, Petra

You will receive the Celestial Lights Manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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