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Cabbalistic Emotion Yoga

Prerequisite: Reiki Master

The goal of Yoga is the Union of the individual Self with the universal one. In the western world, Yoga is usually associated with physical exercises, but there are many different kinds of Yoga: Some make indeed, as already mentioned, use of physical exercises whereas others stress mental concentration and a meditative approach. Cabbalistic Emotion-Yoga is one of the latter.

This type of Yoga enables you to reach balance for your emotional body a body that every one of us has. You will learn how to discharge your emotions that have been piling up throughout the years resulting in a state of well being and the ability to confront your everyday tasks emotionally strengthened.

It is many times the case that you will not experience all of the emotions that are being described further down, but you experience those which burden you most and are in need of clearing.

After having received your initiations, you can pick whichever symbol you want to use or whichever seems to confront you with difficulties. Now you have the possibility to store the symbol in the respective charka and dissolve those emotions that are unwanted.

The whole works like a big Let Go Of Everything, so the stored emotional energy is set free in order to deal freely and unbiasedly with your everyday-emotions again. The impressions you will then make without coined emotions will prove to be freer and jauntier.

The good thing about Cabbalistic Emotion-Yoga is the pure form of emotions that you will experience after the work. You will perceive your world without emotional blockades again, which can be very burdening in certain situations.

Each new situation will be perceived unbiasedly, the old emotion will not reappear, not even when standing in front of your Boss or suffering from exam nerves.

This all seems to be wiped off and you can deal with every situation equanimously. But that is not all that Cabbalistic Emotion Yoga can do for you.

You will experience a complete new form of love, which you will never have perceived before. It is a pure form of love that you will live through in exactly that form of purity.

Prerequiste: Reiki Master

Cabbalistic Emotion Yoga-Master Level-$55.00

You will receive the Cabbalistic Emotion Yoga Master Manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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