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Bio Galaxy Reiki

Founded By Sastra Vardhana

Bio Galaxy Reiki is an energy of life. Bio Galaxy is divine energy wfrom the universe, formed millions of past. Bio Galaxy represent life energy which is in the galaxy and the earth.

This energy is smooth like rain, very strong and reacts quickly. When we access Bio Galaxy energy, it feels like the color green and blue. Bio Galaxy energy can react swiftly to clean the chakras and nadis.

Bio Galaxy Reiki is very unique and its symbols can connect you to other dimensions.

Level 1

* Clean all negative energy in chakras, Sushumna and Ida and pinggala
* Hand chakras and Anahata chakra will be cleansed, and activated
* your whole aura will be harmonized with Bio Galaxy energy * Symbols: Pow, Thun, Twis, and Linx

Level 2 or Master Level:

* Hand Chakra and Anahata opened
* Feet charas opened
* Ajna chakra, pineal opened.
* Symbols: Teport, Bioxy, Visi, and Cosmic
* Master Level authority is given to attune others

Usefulness of Bio Galaxy Reiki:

* Very effective for cleaning of chakra, nadis, and aura
* Brings your awareness to highest level
* Deep meditation
* Penetrating time and space for past life healing
* Can enter to other dimension
* Heal all disease of physical
* Change and open your mind to unlimited universe
* Received e high frequency energy from space, planet, and stars
* And more

Prerequisites: Reiki Level 2

Bio Galaxy Reiki - Master-$35.00

You will receive the Bio Galaxy Reiki manual via Email,2 Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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