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Bioenergetic  Shakti

"What Is True-Will Shine Brightest" ~ Victor

Founded by: Victor Glanckopf

Prerequisite: Any Advanced Energy Work

Bioenergetic Shakti presents new Empowerments that are used to gain greater psychic energy and empower your chakras and astral body.

The truth of Bioenergetic Shakti Workshop is that the Empoweremnts will create serenity and tranquility to give you strength in your life plus spiritual courage and optimism.

All Cosmic Energy is a Bioenergetic energy and this energy creates all life in the universe.

Importantly it is divine consciousnessn energy that is alive and active.

Once Attuned Bioenergetic Shakti flows through your chakras and astral body a balancing and actualizing your human potentialities will take place.

Modern man is now awakening to the possibilities of this healing cosmic energy.

Bioenergetic Shakti empowerments will transfer raw spiritual power to your kinetic sub-atomic matrix system which provides and builds within you a greater vitality and healing potential.

Although Bioenergetic Shakti energy has many aspects of kundalini contained in it, its main functions is to unite you with your Soul.

With Astral Fortification Shakti, you will have more personal magnetism and your psychic development will accelerate at a very fast rate!

Your consciousness will become fully receptive and open to assimilating the Kundalini awakening/rebirth-process.

Bioenergetic Shakti prime directive is union, connectedness and oneness through divine love, healing and peace.

One Empowerment is Bioenergetic Shakti Heart Soul Shakti that is a new way of influencing your health and well being through the intuitive transmission of laser magnetic energetics and quasar light.

Bioenergetic Shakti Heart Soul Shakti works to re-establish emotional and mental integrity through energetic repatterning of your body and mind natural polarity and flow.

Core issues are accessed from within as you are guided into a relaxed state of self understanding and intuitive connectedness.

Victor's expertise in energy work, quantum healing modalities and intuitive healer will help you with your spiritual awakening process and integration as these new energies are imparted to you!

Bioenergetic Shakti-Practitioner-$225.00


You will receive the Bioenergetic Shakti practitioner manual via Email, All Empowerments and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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