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Betelgeuse Shakti

"The workings of the human body are an analogy for the workings of the universe."
- Leonardo da Vinci

Founded By: Victor Glanckopf

When you accept the powerful Betelgeuse Empowerments in this Workshop, you will be connected to very dynamic energies that were known to the ancients as major guiding forces of the universe.

These vibrations emit spiritual rays of light that will greatly improve your emotional and mental balance.

They will spiritualize & accelerate the evolution of your chakra system. Importantly, you will be attuned to a special Shakti that will have a wonderful effect in revealing your Soul Purpose!

Betelgeuse brings the energies of your soul nature deeply into your body and DNA.

According to Alice Bailey and Djwhal Khul: Influential and potent forces are pouring in at this time from the great stars Betelgeuse and Sirius, they produce a stimulation of the heart center Betelgeuse.

You might think:

"How could a star as far away as Betelgeuse have an effect on me?" Because the Shaktis in this Workshop will Attune you to its frequencies!

By using the harmonic principle of the Shaktis resonance, you will begin to vibrate to Betelgeuses vibrations to accelerate your evolutionary process!

Betelgeuse vibrations are the lost keys as they contain the "Mother Frequencies”!

Betelgeuse (Bet-el-geuse {guz}) has 100,000 times more light than our Sun and is 1,000 times larger, it is a power house of divine energy!

The Betelgeuse Empowerments you will receive will have a powerful spiritual influence that will bring the higher vibrations of light into your life!

As you activate a very special double star Betelgeuse Loving Heart Shakti you will be elevated from darkness into radiant light!

Your evolutionary destiny as a clear channel for the manifestation of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth will be accelerated!

The secret of our cosmic evolution is through the vibrations of Betelgeuse so we must align with these dynamic rays!

You will receive 4 remarkable Initiations plus supporting wonderful meditation techniques!

Betelgeuse Empowerments- Practitioner-$125.00

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