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Ascendency Energy 999

Created Created by Ellen Dana's Stamer

The earth has begun to merge with the galaxy. This process is also influenced in our body systems. There is a merger of our light body, with our solar light.

Encodings of infinity are now flowing into our bodies. The space-time motion resolution and thus the transformation of our body is in full swing, this means rejuvenation and perfect health.

Ascendancy Energy 999 is the vibration of 999, if you are ready for this increase and have decided to have this higher vibration, you will be in the vibration of 999.

There are large transmutations and transformations that are taking place, old structures and patterns are breaking up.

Some people are aware of this reality and wake up now from their old lives and feel deeply in their heart that something great is happening. Something new is in the interior and exterior!

Your truth, your divinity, now wants to fully awaken.

Mother Earth and Her population is moving now into this New Energy. The energy of vibration of 999, will guide you and help you more and more and to identify your very own beautiful light, and to feel and express it.

By raising your vibration to the natural oscillation frequency of 999 with the Ascendancy Energy 999 Attunement, you are at the same time filling your chakras of the modern age, with the energy of the new era.

Ascendency Energy 999 - Master-$140.00

You will receive the Ascendency Energy 999 master manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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