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Dear Friends,

What I share with you in these letters is my Truth and if these thoughts assist you in your Inward Search for your Truth then it has served its purpose.

This Sharing is about Relationships and is Part 1 of 2. Part 2 will be the next Moment of Sharing and it will focus on compatibility, soul mates, twin flames, etc.

You have heard many times that everything is connected but what does that really mean? For me, I feel that the true meaning of this statement comes from the concept that the Spiritual World is that part within all creation that is connected to everything else Physical Reality, Energy Reality, Mental Reality and Spiritual Reality.

Lets think about the concepts of three worlds, the Physical World, the Energy World and the Spiritual World. The outer world is the Physical World and within the Physical World is the Energy World, and within the Physical World and the Energy World is the Spiritual World.

The vibration frequencies of the Physical World and the Energy World varies significantly within each world. But, in the Spiritual World there is a constant vibration that resides within every aspect of creation and it is this vibration that links everything together. Most people view the Physical World and the Energy World as something separate from the Spiritual World. But, the Spiritual World sees and knows the interconnectedness of everything and in reality the non-separation that exists all of the time in all of these Worlds.

As my Spiritual Teachers taught me the Inward Path (a process to merge my ego-self and my spiritual-self) I began to see my relationships from the view point of my Spiritual Essence. I also figured out that all of my relationships really were with the Universe and Spirit and I was just acting them out with the people that I knew. Each relationship was showing me what parts of my Physical, Energy and Mental Self were in harmony with my Spiritual World and what parts were not.

I also knew that I needed to develop and use spiritual discernment to know which relationships supported my Spiritual Essence and which ones did not. Spiritual discernment is quite different from judgment because spiritual discernment is a state of conscious wisdom whereby you know what and whom honors your Spiritual Essence and Truths. There is a sense of Inner Peace and Harmony and even Love in this knowingness. If someone does not honor your Spiritual Essence, you allow them to be as they chose, and, you move on.

With judgment you will always feel strong emotions and a sense of right and wrong. It is these emotions within you that will tell you if your are in judgment or discernment. The higher emotions of your Spiritual Essence are Peace, Joy, Love and Bliss all of the lower emotions/feelings are creations of your ego and personality.

Of course the biggest part of this philosophy is looking at yourself through the eyes of your Spiritual Being to see what memories, attitudes, beliefs, perceptions, etc., that are pulling you out of your Spiritual Oneness. The physical world reacts to events whereas the spiritual world responds to events in a manner that maintains Spiritual Oneness.

Living your life from the realm of your Spiritual World does not mean that you simply allows others to run over you or be disrespectful to you. In fact, it is quite the opposite. When you are in Oneness with your Spiritual Essence you will know how to respond to each situation in a manner that is respectful to yourself and to the other person. Your response will come from a Center of Peace, Harmony, Love and Bliss filled with Wisdom and Understanding.

How does this concept apply to everyday relationships?

I learned that I needed to take total responsibility for my part of a relationship and to know and accept that I had no control over the outcome of my relationships with other people. More importantly, it means that I needed to allow my True Self (my Spiritual Essence) to be free and active in my relationships. My desire to create Spiritual Harmony stimulates the changes I make in my relationships.

I had to go into my Heart Center and merge with the Wisdom, Love, Peace and Harmony that was within me. I needed to decide how my Spiritual Essence would respond in this relationship and what qualities I needed to bring forth within me and this relationship to honor and respect my Spiritual Essence. The Wisdom that I received guided me to heal my fears and distortions of truth rather than trying to heal others.

For example, In my 30s I felt that I needed a relationship to feel complete and the relationship I created was built on my inner fears and the relationship could never create the Bliss and Love I wanted. Then, my Wisdom guided me to merge my ego self and my spiritual self into Spiritual Oneness and my need to have a relationship to feel complete disappeared. Now, I understand that my souls desire for my ego self and spiritual self to merge was misinterpreted by my left brain into thinking that I needed a relationship with another person to be complete.

Finally, I figured out that since all my relationships were really with Spirit and the Universe that I could let go of any expectation of how a particular relationship was to turned out. How the other person responded to my new way of being in the relationship was up to them. When I detached for wanting a specific outcome in a relationship that detachment gave me the freedom to create the best possible relationship I could between me and Spirit, the Universe and that person.

The challenge that comes with this approach is you are forced to change all of your beliefs and attitudes that are at odds with your Spiritual Ideals and Beliefs. When you respond to a certain relationship issue from your Spiritual Self you are in a state of Inner Peace within that relationship whether you stay in that relationship or leave it. You have resolved the conflicting attitudes or beliefs between your ego self and the Universe.

If you are in a relationship that has some problems then ask your Spiritual Essence to bring forth your Inner Wisdom so you know how to respond in that relationship. Let go of all your expectations and assumptions of how your mind thinks it should work out. The issues are within you and the healing takes place when you replace the conscious and unconscious beliefs and attitudes and distortions of truth that created the difficulties in the relationship.

Your relationships with other people reveals to you what kind of relationships you have between your ego self and your Spiritual Self and the Universe. If you are in a pure state of Joy with a person then build on those ideals within you. If you feel sad, angry, abandoned, uncomfortable with a person those issues are within you. You have an attitude, belief, memory or perception that is a mental distortion of wisdom and you are not in harmony with your Spiritual Truths and your Spiritual Essence.

The Universe nor your Spirit expects you to get along with every personality but it does expect you to get rid of the mental and emotional garbage that keeps you from your Divine State of Oneness. Do not expect others to change so you are comfortable and do not run away from relationships. Become your Spiritual Essence within those relationships and heal the real issues within you that are revealed by that relationship. When, you have done that then you can leave that relationship if that is best for you and you are free. Each relationship we create is designed to bring out a spiritual quality of your Divine Being.

Many people have told me that they were told by a psychic that they have a karmic relationship with a certain person and they need heal that relationship. My response is that the person needs to heal that relationship issue with Spirit and the Universe and if it also works out that you heal the relationship with that particular person so much the better. But, some people do not want to heal a relationship, or they may have died, so this concepts allows you to heal those relationships and be done with them.

When you have healed a relationship issue with your Spirit and the Universe then that specific relationship issue is restored to a state of Divinity and you have restored a piece of your Wisdom and Truth into your mental consciousness, and, that problem is no longer a factor in your Spiritual Life.

I felt a sense of empowerment when I realized I needed to work it out within me and then respond to the Universe from this new center of consciousness. Yes I do go back to the actual people involved when possible and respond from my Spiritual Essence. I need to know that I did everything possible to have that relationship in spiritual balance and yet I accept that persons right to remain in whatever consciousness he or she desires to be in. Spirit resides within everyone and eventually every person comes back into Spiritual Oneness but I do not know which lifetime that will be.

Everything in your life is a relationship between you and the Universe and Spirit and as such can be healed and restored into Peace and Harmony. This includes your relationship with your job, your emotions, your beliefs, certain people, etc. You have the power within you to restore Inner Peace and Harmony within you as you heal these relationships between you and Spirit.
There are many concepts woven into the fabric of this letter and perhaps you may want to play with these ideas while you are asleep. In your dream state your Spiritual Essence will guide you to your Inner Wisdom.

For those people who have taken Kofutu Formula Healing the Relationship Healing Script is a very powerful healing tool that you can use to heal your relationships. This Relationship Healing Script guides the healing to whatever is best for you from a Spiritual Perspective.

Peace, Love, Shanti, Alamanda
Eleiah (E' lee ah)

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