33 Commandments For Creation from The Elohim

A Co-Creation of Elohim Beings of Light through Wistancia

Awakened from a morning sleep, the Masters stood around the bed, many faces, many voices, wings and eyes, a harmony like the morning sun piercing through the mist of sleep. Octaves of musical spheres singing songs without words, emanations, permeations. A pen is placed in the hand, the heart opens like a revolving door, the circuitry comes on line in the brain. The Divine is linked through the Overself body and light translates into meaning and language. I am Wistancia which I have been told means the graceful carrier of the sparkling white star of morning. Yet again I awaken to carry a message from the Masters.

You have heard, they say, that it is the thought that counts. What does that mean? It means that underlying all of Creation is the Divine Thoughtform of GOD which stems from the Divine Mind. God creates by releasing through Divine Power the God thought of Divine Love which takes the Action of Divine Wisdom and carries the thought into a FORM that will create. Creation literally means taking God further. Creating pathways in which the Power, Love and Wisdom of the Creator can move those qualities further and further into the form that holds Gods Thoughts. Creativity is imagination. Imaging in the perfection of what the heart seeks to expand. God is perfection, expansion, divine imagination. There is but One God and One True Heart. And as God imagines in the Thoughts of how to Move God, Ascend God, Expand God, they take on a form. We are each the forms of God, the Children, the Sons and Daughters, the points, the cells, the holograms, the extensions, the aspects, whatever you might feel comfortable calling yourselves. You are each GOD moving out. The part reflecting the Whole and contained within the Whole always. God creates with Thoughts that take on Forms. God is God and God is the Creator God created all of us by the seed of GOD, - All That Is stretched out and we each became (Be-Came) "seeds" of God to sprout in the Garden of Gods Heart which is Everywhere. So it is!

When God created The Elohim (overseers of Creation) to create the worlds, first there was the Divine Blueprint and the Thought. The Thought took Form, for Thought is Energy and Energy constantly moves and changes, revolving through form. The Thought took form and Be-Came.

You are each a Thought Form of GOD that be-came.

The Elohim issuing forth, gather the encodements of the qualities of creation, the Qualities of the Creator, (the Love, the Wisdom, the Power joined, inseparable) and all forces of the Rays of Creation that extend God Personality like fingers, like spectrums, like rainbows, like emanations and all go into the act of creating systems and worlds, spheres and planets, galaxies and universes. All from the Fabric of Creation and the Fabric of God.

You may not remember or know How We (The Elohim) create, but one thing is for sure known. How We Do NOT create!! We do not go about creating a system and at the same time, run a Thought Pattern that goes something like this:

I want to create a system, but I am not worthy

I do not know if I deserve this

But am I ready?

Is this the right time?

Will I fail?

IS this what God wants? How can I be sure?

If these thoughts went into our creative act, the fiery acts of creation at these levels would be indirect, skewed, polarized, split in two directions or many directions, the power weakened, the design confused and it would not happen according to the wishes of God or at all.

I (Wistancia) had a guru for 17 years, Maharaji, who gave his students some commandments to live by. One was: "Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today." Another was: "Constantly meditate and remember the Holy Name." Another was: "Leave no room for doubt in your mind." The last was "Always have faith in God."

When you ask God and the masters and angels to help you to manifest perfection in your life, you can not have an underlying thought that runs like:

  1. I can not be helped
  2. I will not be heard
  3. this is the way it is (even if this is the way it has been before
  4. Do they really know who I am?
  5. Are not there more important things they have to do?
  6. Life is hard and everyone has a cross to bear

These things will stop what you are trying to create for yourself or, better stated, co-create with God and the Masters.

Elohim Commandments:

We have some commandments of our own to offer for the New Millennium that you are preparing for.

1. Learn to be in two places at once. a far-reaching vision of the future even as you take your next step., for that is the truth of it. Be in the heart, in your creative vision, and in the Momentary Breath.

2. Always have faith in God. That means Never leave room for doubt in your mind. The Divine Mind of God has no room for doubt. A doubt will cause you to stumble and it will mess up your creation.

3. Do not look back! Go forth on Fast Forward now using the Pause button when needed, for this is the accelerated Pulse of Deep Transition that you are in and entering.

(On Transition)

Before Birth in the human environment there is a segment of time that is called "transition." It is not the pain of labor. It is not the sometimes slow preparation for the outcome of the process (the baby coming out into the world). It is the Time when the body vehicle of the mother literally engages in opening its gates. The locks come off, the gate door begins to widen, and the body responds to the wisdom of creation by opening to the next phase. The actual birthing process moves into the position that which is to be birthed.

Here you ride the waves of birth. The important thing is to concentrate on birth. Let go of thoughts, you just move with the energy that pushes out and brings forth New Life. It is not the time to think about it; it is only the time to complete the process. The process is Emergence!

The flower petals open one eye of color. The seedlings head lifts above and breaks through the ground. The eggshell cracks poised to unlock the mystery hidden within. Birth.

The Mystery of The Millennium is About to Crack Open!

You have read about, heard about, studied, talked about, and used the power of speech in thousands of ways to describe this birth. It has a spark, an energy, a power of its own. Era of Peace. 1000 years of Peace and Harmony. Golden Age. The end of life as it is known. The beginning of life in a new pattern. New Heaven/New Earth. A Golden Era of Truth and Freedom. Visitation. Christ Consciousness. Second Coming. Prophecies. Pain of Birth. Zero Point. Walking Between the Worlds. Dimensional Shifts. Adam Kadmon. Ascension. Resurrection. Time of No Time.

Now you are standing on the crest of the hill overlooking The Millennium! Collectively Humanity has climbed the Millennium Mountain! The Blue Marble Planet and is poised to enter the Golden Valley! She is moving full force now, no stopping Her!

Now the Real Transition Energies are setting in

Now the real transition energies are setting in! Back to our (Elohim) commandments):

4. Pay attention to the Breath; it will keep you awake and alert.

  1. Always have faith in God.
  2. Align All Thoughts with All Feelings with All Words and with All Actions. Be All Together! Be Not pulled into opposite directions with your bodies.

Soon you will have the golden opportunity to actualize The Millennium for Earth.

You have anchored it in consciousness. Activated it in meditation. You are Co-creating it with Source. It is coming! It is approaching! The golden carpet is being rolled out.

Now LIVE IT! LIVE IT INTO BEING! Breathe Life into it! Breathe consciousness into it! LIVE IT!!!

Think Heaven into it!

Speak Heaven into it!

Act Heaven into it!

Feel Heaven into it!

That is how it is created clearly!

7. Put all Millennium fears aside!

(There is no room for doubt in your mind)

8. Plant this Millennium Garden with the full force of your Love, Wisdom and Power

(Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today!)

9. Time is collapsing, as you have known it!

10. Take up Residence in the Heart and Close the Door!

11. Do things from the perspective of the Sacred Heart that has faith and knows that God is All That Is in this world and the one to follow!

(Constantly meditate and remember the Holy Names of God)
12. Know the Power and Consequence of Every Thought

(As you climb higher, the rocks are smaller and more slippery)

13. Trust the God in You!

(Someone you lean on may slip; Keep your attention on GOD)

14. Live Love and be free!

15. Let the Christ be-Come in you!

16. May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be accept-able. (Ones that God is able to accept and use in the Divine Plan.)

17. Remember you are a Daughter/Son of The Creator. Therefore you are already and always creating something. (What do you want to create for the Millennium?)

18. Do not wait any longer.

19. Be prepared to see new things hear new voices

20. Be open to visitation.

21. Know that some things may not work; it is not necessary.

22. Know that some things may now become visible. The ideal is becoming real.

23. Be open to miracles.

24. Be open to God.

You know the way you feel when a New Year begins and you want to create a resolution for yourself? The Millennium is an unprecedented opportunity to create divine resolutions.

25. Resolve to Leave the Past Millennium behind and Enter a New One.

26. Create with the 7 Major Rays of Creation:

27. Power, Faith, All is well, I am Protected, Love can Move, No Fear.

28. I Am LOVE. Be in love. Enlightenment. Teach and impart what you have garnered. Carry it to the people. Feed them light. Receive in order to give.

29. The WISDOM of activity. Love made visible. The foundation stones are laid by the wisdom of the Divine Mind connected to the Overself Body. What can be accomplished when you set your divine mind to it.

30. Purity and Harmony between all Life everywhere is balanced, returns. Hope is full filled again; Resurrection of all the Truth and Goodness that was with God before the present world was..is returned and expressed.

31. Healing takes place. The deep penetrating, systematic, removal of traces of separation. Science and Spirit unite in Perfect symmetry to focus in an immaculate concept for a new era.

32. Devotion springs forth echoing God to God. Loyalty to Truth and the Masters Plan. The guardian angels rejoicing for the Ideal is steadfast and reverent love resounds, mercy can flow, forgiveness can set all free, and spiritual nourishment pours forth like waters of life, bringing out the best, the God, in each one. Each turns to minister to the other, the Whole, the Holy in all.

33. And Freedom. Violet Fireworks explode celebrating the entrance of One Thousand Years! Not just one. Flames of purification, transformation, ascension, perfection. The Goddess of Liberty dances on a violet carpet. Victory is at Hand! The Goddess of Justice comes forth to tip the scales. The Feminine Goddess is Integrated and the Permanent Golden Age of Freedom and Peace envisioned by St. Germain, seeded and awaited by the Office of the Christ, empowered by Melchizedek, Metatron, The Mahatma, The Divine Mother, The Divine Father. Ignited by Helios, Vesta, Buddha. Blessed by Sananda, Nada, and Kuthumi. Overlighted by Djwhal Khul and all the angels radiating an expansion of the Light of the Rays. The entrance of guardian angels and masters watching this celebration in lightships, in merkabahs, in the skies and in the hearts of all. Celebrating with Goddess Mother Earth and Her Kingdoms on Earth as it is in Heaven Everyone is there watching and applauding as Earth Gives Birth to a New Part of Her Grand Self. As Creation breathes a sigh of relief and the Cosmic Elohim bless the procession through the ages

Beloved Ones, hold this image. Image it forth. Empower this. Add to this. Put your divine selves inside the energy of 1000 Years of Peace and Harmony. See it and feel it. Pray it forth. THINK IT THROUGH, REMEMBERING It is the Thought that Counts! And so it shall be!


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