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I once asked Abraham Maslow, "What do you mean when you say self-actualization?" He said, "There are just two things to remember: One is to learn to become independent of the good opinion of other people, and the second is to master the art of being detached from the fruits of your labors."

When you become the observer, you detach yourself from the outcome. You get your ego and everything in the material world out of the picture, and you allow the highest part of you to observe the circumstance. You remove all that inner turbulence, anguish, fear, and anxiety, and you then replace it with the calmness of a detached observer. The minute you sense that calmness, the solution is at hand. You're not operating from adrenaline or fear or angst.

When you face a crisis or deadline from the perspective that you only have so much time and "have to hurry," you become one more person who brings stress and anxiety to the problem.

It's in the taming of the ego that you find the sacred in your life. You find greater strength when you can stop being so focused on you and your bottom line and start reaching out to others.

They said of Jesus and Buddha that when they went into a village, their very presence raised the consciousness of those around them. They radiated a blissful serenity. That kind of peace is where you can resolve virtually any difficulty. Carl Jung wrote a book called Modern Man in Search of a Soul wherein he talked about four stages that people go through to reach maturity. The highest stage is that of the Spirit. This is when you finally recognize that you are not an athlete, a warrior, or a statesman. That you are in this world, but not of this world. You recognize that you are not a human being having a spiritual experience, but you are a spiritual being having a human experience. In a sense, this life is all very temporary. The mystery of that is what we call unconditional love. When you are able to live this unconditional love you will have achieved this final state.

It doesn't happen if you try to figure it out using logic or look for results in the material world. When you start taking your attention off of building your business so you can make more money instead put your attention on serving everyone who comes through your door as best you can, your energy begins to spread and more people become attracted to your office.

That energy becomes infectious, because it promotes more of that love. As it does, your bottom line becomes blacker and blacker. But your awareness is always focused on serving. You let the bottom line take care of itself. It has worked for me in my organization. My profits, my sales, my bookings have just gone up and up over the years, and I have less and less concern with how I am doing.

So, Lighten Up. You do not have to strive to prove anything--unless, of course, you choose to listen to your omnipresent false self, which stipulates that if you don't stay busy pursuing something you are a failure.

Each and every instant of your life takes place in the present moment. Using your present moments to chase after future moments is an ego-based activity. Your ego wants you to feel incomplete so that it can control your life. Your false self would keep you in perpetual motion chasing after more and more until your final breath.

Your higher self does not want you to be lazy or without purpose but to realize the power in knowing that this moment is your entire life. When you stop focusing on past or future moments, you release the stress and tension that accompany the striving lifestyle. With that release, you become more productive and peaceful than you are when you look behind or ahead of yourself and don't allow your mind to rest in the still center of the present moment.

Contrary to what your ego attempts to convince you, you will not simply vegetate, or become an irresponsible drifter when you stop striving. What will happen is that you will lighten up and become engrossed in your mission. When you stop striving and start knowing that you are on a divine mission, and that you are not alone, you will be guided to the experience of arriving. That experience will introduce you to the bliss of being in the realm of spirit. Where there is no worry or guilt.

When you encounter a personal dilemma about what you want to go after in your life, turn the decision over to your sacred self; let go and listen. Your answers will come as you develop the internal willingness to allow your higher self to guide you. By giving yourself moments for appreciation, you allow yourself the freedom to arrive rather than strive. You choose to be free of ego demands and allow the loving presence to be felt.

(Reprinted from Personal Excellence, April 1996)

9 Principles of Manifestation

1. Live from Your Highest Self - "I have a divine ability to manifest and attract all that I need and desire." 

2. Learn to Trust Your Divine Inner Wisdom - "I trust in myself and in the wisdom that created me." 

3. Honor Your Worthiness to Receive - "I deserve to experience divine abundance, for I am a part of God." 

4. Realize that You Are Not Separate from Your Environment - "I am one with my surroundings, aware of the connective energy between me and my world."

5. Attract to Yourself What You Desire - "The Divine creative power within me brings to me all that I want with happiness, love, and peace."

6. Connect to Your Divinity with Unconditional Love - "I express the energy of unconditional love to all people and all things in my life."

7. Detach from the Outcome - "I trust in the universal intelligence that created me to bring my desires to me in just the right way at the perfect time." 

8. Acknowledge Your Results with Gratitude and Generosity - "I am deeply thankful for all that I've received, and I enjoy giving to others in the spirit of love and service."

9. Meditate to the Sound of Creation - "I meditate each day to increase my awareness of the divine power within me. Through meditation, I am able to realize the beauty, grace, and love that directs my life and fulfills my deepest desires." 

From: Manifest Your Destiny: The Nine Spiritual Principles for Getting Everything You Want  by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer- Copyright 1992

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