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Multinational drug companies have been bypassing the normal route for safety testing and have been lobbying British New Labour ministers to accept expensive new medicines for large scale use in N.H.S hospitals.

Several cabinet ministers have accepted various bribes usually in the form of shares, to act as spokesmen for the companies.

The shift away from the largely discredited animal testing, is believed to be behind major decisions in policy change, Tony Blair has been a constant spokesman for increased penalties for cruelty demonstrators.

The hard left British Guardian newspaper claimed in its 28-9-06 edition that over the eight months from October to may this year, drug firm executives met ministers to press for favourable decisions, and support for their products.

The Guardian using the freedom of information act has seen documents that the worlds biggest company Pfizer warned the ministers that it would take its business abroad, if decisions were not to their liking, and six companies had a special meeting to push their drugs for among other conditions, Alzheimers disease.

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence ( N.I.C.E ) was set up to decide which drugs were cost effective for use in the N.H.S. and has made several decisions that the new drugs were not effective enough and very pricey, animal tests were, as always inconclusive.

The pharmaceutical industry reminded ministers that it is a big employer in Britain,

Its total investment in research and development was 34 billion in 2004 A Whitehall briefing note claims is about a quarter of the U.K total industry expenditure.

The Financial Times said in a recent editorial that within seven years Britains entire manufacturing base will have gone abroad to cheaper third world countries, And many medical centres have exported their paperwork and record sections to India, problems have been in the main with language difficulties such as the mixing up of similar sounding drugs such as Serevent and Seroxat, both drugs with problem histories, the agreed hospitalisation of doctor induced illness is suggested in some studies as one in four, and iatrogenic disorders may increase as more surgeries and hospitals go for the cost savings of keeping patient records abroad.

With the signs of a steep coming British jobs crisis, the present New labour administration is still importing in huge numbers of refugees, to compete for jobs and keep wages down, the drug firms are expected to move out of Britain over the next 4 years. Documents prepared by civil servants for the Pfizer meeting revealed the wealth of the U.S based company had in 2004 a revenue of $52;5 billion which equates to a massive 28 billion.

Insiders claim that preliminary talks have taken place for a multinational drug company take over of the troubled N.H.S. their claim is that they could do a better job. Drug company persuasion at doctors surgeries level, with rewards for dispensing large amounts of certain drugs, showed that in the Britain of 2005 many doctors could push their annual wage up to an incredible quarter million pounds.

These firms have doctors ministers and health bodies in their pockets, and even the medical magazines are sent free to doctors because they parrot the drug company line. The recent case of Dr. Jane Donegan British G.P and immunisation expert, who advocated homeopathy for two mothers who resisted calls to have the controversial M.M.R jabs given compulsorily to their children, was censored by the General Medical council and accused of advocating junk science and may yet lose her job,

Such is the power of the drug companies, and their war on complementary therapies, Particularly the F.D.A attacks on vitamins and mineral supplements, Stage two is the outlawing in what their documents refer to as; mediumistic type readings.

On another note, in Assam Northern India over the last 5 years police estimate that 300 witch doctors have been murdered, although inhabitants to the region have always preferred local doctoring procedures, police claim that the killings are due to dissatisfied customers. A witch spokesman said; our medicines do not work when the planetary conditions are unfavourable

Many are suspicious that police disinterest may coincide with grants for shiny new police uniforms with drug company grants. The magazine Christian families are to produce guidelines for which if any, alternative and complementary therapies are suitable for Christians. T Stokes.

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