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by Tashira Tachi-ren

Information from Archangel Arial channeled by Tashira Tachi-ren from the book: What Is Lightbody?

"From our viewpoint, because you are reading this, you are a Lightworker and you are here with a job to do. You are here to assist in the transition of planet Earth into Light. You've done it countless times before and you are an expert in your field.

Every time a planet goes to Light, it is a unique expression of returning home from the experience of separation. The process differs, depending on the particular planet and species that's going to Light. This model is for the human species on Earth.

There are 383 other planets also going to light simultaneously, and most of you are incarnate on most of them. This planet is special, however, because it has experienced the maximum separation from the Source and now it is returning. It will be successful. There is absolutely no doubt that this planet's return to the Source will be successful, and there will be no apocalypse in this parallel reality.

A species can ascend or go to Light without the planet ascending. You are not the first species to ascend from this planet - there have been four other races before you. What makes this particular process so exquisitely wonderful is that planet Earth is ascending also. She is a conscious, living entity who agreed to support this game of separation on the condition that she would ascend at its conclusion.

We'd like to mention the exquisiteness of this game as it returns to the Source. The beauty of your Divine Expression as you return is so wondrous for us to watch. Even though you stepped away from the Source for what is to us only a brief time, your reunification is one of the most exquisite energies of the universe. We look forward to you consciously experiencing this for yourselves. Because we exist in simultaneity, we have already seen you enjoy your reunification, and we look forward to sharing your joy when you catch up with yourselves.

Every time you choose Light in any one of the parallels, it effects every single life you have ever had. Ever! That's how powerful it is. One person choosing Light in one lifetime affects the whole planet across time and across all parallels. There are seven to eight million Lightworkers incarnate in this parallel alone. How much effect do you think you guys have? Just what do you think you can do? Anything you want, as long as you follow spirit."

The message from Archangel Ariel continues ..

"Be kind to fellow human beings. This is a very painful stage because this is the stage where the entire sense of identity is restructured. When you run into people on the street, and many of you will, you may be asked, "What are you doing? You look so wonderful." Give them the information that the planet is going to Light, that we are in an ascension process. "If you want to know more about it, here are some good books you could read. Here are some people you could go see. If you need to talk about it, here is my number." Support those around you.

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