Victory Over Breast Cancer

Violet J., Stanley, IA - Breast Cancer

I am a farmer's wife, age 53. We live in a modern, ranch-style home in Northeast Iowa. We raise cattle and have about 500 acres in diversified farming. We have always been active in church, farm bureau, school, and community affairs. We have four married children.

I have worked outdoors doing fieldwork, chores, chickens to tend, and a large vegetable and fruit garden. My children had lots of sickness from tonsillitis to chronic bronchitis, and coughing day and night with high fevers. When we learned about chiropractic, that helped us a lot. When our youngest daughter was 14, she missed six weeks of school with headaches as a forerunner of arthritis. She was in three different hospitals, with all the typical medical tests done, showing nothing but arthritis. They sent us home with the comment that there was nothing they could do for her arthritis but give her 6 to 20 aspirin a day. From here, I studied nutrition like mad and would give her various things for her condition and she improved dramatically. The next year, she needed a health examination so she could be a lifeguard and the doctor told us he had never seen anyone so healthy. I told him it was all the nutrition I was giving her and he said that had nothing to do with it, but I knew it was the answer. We have had numerous medical doctors but none knew anything about nutrition or will admit it has anything to do with health.

I spent nine years working with the American Cancer Society as door knocker, county chairman, crusade chairman, at district meetings and state conventions. My mother died of cancer. I know what the word "cancer" means - the hopeless feeling, the despair - and I am scared to death of it. When I made my last call on a dear friend who died of cancer, I wanted to say to her: "I'll be the next one," for I had found a lump in my breast at that time; also, I was having digestive disturbances. This was three years after I started learning about nutrition. I have read a lot of books, health magazines, etc. I knew what medical science was doing. I was determined I would not go to be butchered at the hospital. I said nothing to anyone about the lump. It got larger as time went on. I was trying to eat right, as much as I could read in the books.

The following March, my husband wanted to get each of us a life insurance policy. I said nothing but I knew I wouldn't pass a health test. The doctor told my husband about the lump and I was refused the insurance policy. He told me to go to the hospital and have a biopsy, etc. I wouldn't go. We went to visit my sister and told her. By this time the lump was plainly visible when you looked at my breast. In a few days she telephoned she had learned of a chiropractor that could help. He had helped his daughter. A light in the tunnel. We started going to the chiropractor three times a week, a 100-mile trip. After a few calls, he told us about Dr. Kelley and advised both my sister and me to go to him, as she had had surgery and they found cancer. In June we made our first call to Dr. Kelley. By this time the lump in my breast was 1-3/4 inches across and there were numerous small ones and even some in the other breast and more digestive disturbances.

Looking back now, I can see the Lord leading me to study about nutrition so I would be prepared to know what I needed when Dr. Kelley set up our nutritional plan. I told our children of the lump in my breast and our plans to go to Texas to see Dr. Kelley. From the beginning, I had the assurance that I was doing the right thing. I had accepted Christ as my Saviour and I knew His perfect peace and was assured of His leading. Our youngest daughter made it plain she thought I should go to a medical doctor. My husband was doubtful, but let me do what I wanted to do.

I ordered Dr. Kelley's book, One Answer to Cancer and started the beginning of the treatment. This looked like a large undertaking. Dr. Kelley was a long way off and would be hard to contact regarding problems from day to day. Still I never doubted that this was the way I should go. I have doctored my children for 18 years with medical doctors and medicines and never had any help. This had to be the better way. I never told my family doctor about the lump in my breast. The only one who knew of it was the doctor who had refused me the insurance policy.

When we went to Dr. Kelley for our test, he counseled us as long as we had questions. We left his office with our programs to follow. My sister and I studied our books all the way home, which was a three-day trip. Dr. Kelley had told us in his book what to expect, how we would feel and what our body reactions would be, so we would be prepared to know what was happening. Whenever we had doubts, we kept remembering that Dr. Kelley had this and he knows what to do. This was our confidence.

I bought a juicer and made carrot and celery juice several times a day. That took a lot of time. Preparing all of the fresh vegetables takes time. But, I had my own garden for years so I knew how much work it is to raise and prepare vegetables for the table. Now we were eating everything raw possible. Even my family cooperated.

Within two weeks, my digestive disturbances were better. At first I'd go out and work awhile and come in to fix carrot juice and lay down to rest. Then get up and go out again to finish the jobs. My family helped carry the water and feed for the chickens, but I still raised and dressed 150 chickens that first summer. In six weeks, I felt really good. I didn't have any of the things that Dr. Kelley had written in the book that I might have. My body responded quickly and I began to regain my strength that I hadn't had for months. I Never Ate One Thing I was not supposed to eat. I took my nutrition exactly as he told me. I have always been a determined person. I did everything as near right as I could or knew to do. This helped me in my diet. If I had even once eaten sweets or anything that was on the list of "no-no's," I wouldn't have been able to win the game. That's what you need - determination to follow the rules.

In six months the lumps in my breasts were gone. I felt much better than I had before. I had not had surgery and the awful ordeal of that, or intravenous feeding, and I still had a whole body. I was telling everyone to eat right. But I did not tell anyone (outside of my family) that I had cancer. People knew I had been really sick, but not what was really wrong with me. I guess I wanted to be sure myself that I could do it before I would tell anyone you could lick cancer with proper lifestyle and nutrition. I continued chiropractic treatment for years, and still do. Mostly when I talk to people about eating properly - not eating food with preservatives, eating raw foods instead of cooked ones - they make light of it and never really listen. Yet, many call me with all of their ills and ask me what they should do. Some I can advise and some don't believe what you say anyway.

Three years later in March, I applied for another insurance policy with another company. I told him I had been refused a policy because of the lumps in my breast. He sent me for another health examination with another doctor. I told this doctor also about the lumps - that I did not go to a doctor but I started taking nutrition and eating raw foods, etc. and the lumps went away. He couldn't find any lumps. They X-rayed my chest and found nothing. Yet he would not believe the nutrition had anything to do with it. He told me I was in excellent health and I got the insurance policy. It was a much larger policy than the one I had been refused because of the lumps in my breast.

In July after the X-rays, I noticed the lumps in my breast again. I had just read an article in the paper that they were finding "hard evidence that X-rays are actually causing cancer." On July 20, 1976, when I discovered the lumps back again, I immediately went back on my original schedule and diet and within 6 months my lumps were gone again. My advice to others would be - don't get X-rays taken. The radiation exposure is too dangerous.

After 5 years with Dr. Kelley, I do not need tests as often as I did. I follow his diet list and my own home grown foods when possible. I continue to take all kinds of nutrition as he recommends. I am not as strict with my diet as I was the first three years but when I don't eat right, or stop the nutrition, I don't feel good and I know what to do to get better again. Dr. Kelley has answered personally all my letters to him about health problems that come up. He takes my telephone calls when I need to know something right away. Good health is something you need to work at daily. Dr. Kelley's advice works. My illness has given my husband and me a better, closer relationship than we have ever known. I know Metabolic Medicine works. It did for me.

Please See: Dr. Kelley

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