Energetics Of Gin Soaked Raisins For Arthritis

Do Gin Soaked Raisins for Arthritis really work?

YES, but we have found a few caveats!

If you follow these guidelines (not found anywhere else), you will have the best chance of reducing your pain a whole, whole lot!


1. Gin can go bad or is already bad when you buy it therefore it is ineffective to reduce pain.

2. Raisins can go bad or can be already bad when you buy them therefore ineffective to reduce pain.

3. Look at the raisins or gin and ask: Is this good or bad? Eventually with practice, you will be able to tell if it is good or bad.
You will get a feeling or a knowing of the quality of the item you are checking.

Practice, Practice on items you know to be good or bad to get the energetics & you will be rewarded by a pain free body!
Refining your diet will greatly help the process!

In the meantime or until you build up your perception, do the following:

1. The raisins need to be kept in the ice box when soaking & afterwards. Sun Valley Golden Raisins is the only brand we can recommend as all the others have tested very negative!
2. Raisins will only be eatable for a max of 14 days which includes soaking and eating! So after that, you must discard the raisins!
3. Gin must be pure (many gins will test negative) so use Bombay Dry Gin until your perception is built up!

1. Place golden raisins in a glass jar and cover with gin!
2. Place lid on jar & allow to sit in ice box for 1 to 2 days before consuming.
3. Take up to 20 raisins a day!

Many people have had success with different varities of gin & raisins but we have not.

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