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Archstar Frequencies

"The Light Shines Forth!"

Founded By Victor Glanckopf

Archstar Frequencies are the source of supreme nourishment as they connect you to 6 principal universal energies.

Receiving these Empowerments is a very special dispensation.

The Archstar Frequencies will balance your mind and emotions and has the power to spiritualize the content and quality of your life.

Archstar Frequencies carry many of the principle stellar energies that are divinely beneficial to making your life happier and healthier.

When you are Attuned to the Archstar Frequencies energies, your consciousness will expand to stellar proportions.

As you activate these empowerments, your consciousness will ascend and connect to special Multi-Dimensional vibrations.

Intense austerities are no longer needed to reach high states of happiness since access to the Archstar Frequencies Attunements will be immediate and powerful.

Archstar Frequencies are the keys to your emotional well being.

As you connect to the pure states of these stellar vibrations, you may experience states of pure love and joy!

By activating these Initiations will help you to release any traumas and blockages that cause separation from your spiritual self.

These energies exist on multidimensional levels and and as you connect with them, you ascend to the realms of the celestial light!

Receiving the correct Archstar Frequencies determines how the stars supply your astral body.

The limitation of star energies that nourish your astral body will be corrected so your mental and emotional bodies will be strengthened and your consciousness lifted.

You will receive 6 Initiations to the principle Archstar Frequencies energies of heaven.

Plus you will receive new techniques to use the energies to your best advantage!

Heaven grace will manifest in your life!

Victor's expertise in energy work, will deeply activate the correct energies in you so you can develop your spiritual awakening process & integrate these new energies!

Archstar Frequencies-Practitioner-$215.00


You will receive the Archstar Frequencies practitioner manual via Email, All Empowerments and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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