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Arch Angel Raziel


Deep Healing!

Founded by Victor Glanckopf

Arch Angel Raziel's Sacred Geometry Empowerment is an invaluable attunement for spiritual healers and people practicing Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui.

Arch Angel Raziel's Sacred Geometry empowers Adepts using Mandala and Sacred Geometry Workshops or therapists, artists working with sacred shapes to bring about deep healing and improve the living environment in their homes or other people's homes.

Arch Angel Raziel's Sacred Geometry shapes have long been used to raise energy vibrations in sacred places and thereby bring about spiritual, mental and physical health in the people who are living in these places.

Geometric shapes mirror specific energy vibration patterns reflecting the universal language and carrying a specific message. The vibrations within sacred symbols reflect different vibrational levels of the universe and thereby connect and attune the object or person the symbol has been drawn on to a different vibrational level, which corresponds to the energy patterns of the symbol.

Arch Angel Raziel's Sacred Geometry energies are often associated with the vibrations of numbers because they have a specific numerical pattern behind them. All ancient civilizations used specific sacred symbols to invocate the Gods to give them power, protection, food etc. and many of today's remnants of sacred places bear the meaning and vibration of the symbol that they have imprinted on them.

For instance it is said that the area around the pyramids in Giza has a higher vibrational resonance than other parts of the country located far away from the pyramids.

The highest vibrational energy is said to be found in the Himalayas where you will find many Buddhist and Hindu symbols carved on stone and many natural arrangements of plants and stones that represent symbols as sacred geometrical forms.

Some of the most famous symbols include the OM symbol and the Wheel of Life, the Flower of Life, Metatron's Cube and many more.

Arch Angel Raziel's Sacred Geometry-Master Level-$55.00

HI, This morning I completed your Raziel Sacred Geometry course and was surprised at my experience so I want to share it with you. About 10 minutes into my meditation, my hands began to throb gently and I sensed a presence in front of me, a huge presence.

I realized it was Raziel but it was like standing in front of a mountain, the presence was so huge I couldn't see it as a clear form but more of a presence that was great. He took my hands into his and placed my hands on his heart which I saw as reddish orange and fiery like a sun but with the energy of a thousand suns, which moved me to tears as I felt the love he was transmitting and the only thought he transmitted was "The love of God is greater than the sum of all your fears.

"And the hugeness of that love just permeated my being and my hands continued to throb mightily.
I've never encountered an angelic presence like that. He did seem less like an angel with wings and more like some kind of energetic presence without much "form," if you will. My arms and hands are tingling from the experience. Thank you for this attunement. Clara

Hi, THANK YOU for Arch Raziel attunement. It was great!!! THANK YOU, Apostle

Hello Victor Glanckopf, Thank you very much for sending me this beautiful attunement! Warmest greetings, Editha

You will receive the Arch Angel Raziel's Manual via Email, All Attunements and a Printed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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