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Antahkarana Shakti


"The Antahkarana Is The Doorway To Eternity!" ~Victor

Founded by: Victor Glanckopf

Antahkarana Shakti is a Workshop of healing and a way to unite with your Soul.

The Antahkarana is also known as the Rainbow Bridge.

The Antahkarana contains 3 threads of energy: consciousness, life force and creativity (more in-depth information in manual).

For countless eons, the soul on its own plane looks down at its reflection (the man or woman on the physical plane) and creates a body and gives it its various physical, astral and mental make-up, and leaves it to get on with the job of evolution.

Eventually, there comes a life - a series of lives in fact - in which the soul sees that its reflection, the man or woman, is beginning to respond to the influence of the energy that connects the soul to its reflection, and the process of 'ensouling' begins.

Through the Empowerments and techniques in Antahkarana Shakti Workshop, you will be able to use your Antahkarana for healing and bringing bliss energy from your Soul into your conscious awareness!

Your creative energies will flow strongly to you as you activate these empowerments!

The effect will enable you to influence your environment in an intelligent and spiritually compassionate way, enabling you to access infinite amounts of universal healing energy.

One remarkable Empowerment in this Workshop is: Blue Star Shakti!

Blue Star Shakti is used for Soul Travel.

If you are serious about your spiritual development, I recommend this Workshop to you!

Antahkarana Shakti- Practitioner -$145.00

Hi, I have almost completed the Antahkarana 4 part attunement (have 1 more) and after the second attunement, I had so much energy pouring through my heart chakra I had to lie down. When I did, I literally floated out of and above my body and felt a beautiful golden bliss and pure joy such as I have never experienced on this earth plane. I basked in this pure energy until I fell asleep and spent the whole evening floating in bliss in the "clouds." It was a very pure feeling, very sweet. Something like the divine nectar? Thank you for this attunement! Clara

You will receive the Antahkarana Shakti manual via Email, 3 Empowerments and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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