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Anima Mundi  Shakti 3rd Eye

"The Future Is Filled With The Highest And Most Divine Consciousness For Man!" ~Victor

Founded By: Victor Glanckopf

Prerequisite: Anima Mundi Shakti

Anima Mundi Shakti 3rd Eye represents the new energies that are coming to our universe to expand your 3rd Eye to perfection.

Anima Mundi 3rd Eye Shakti Workshops immediately restores and aligns your Heart chakra and 3rd Eye chakra with the new soul energies entering our planet.

Anima Mundi 3rd Eye represents the heart and mind of the divine cosmic patterns that are the source of all existence that impregnats our physical universe.

For thousands of years, the soul of our world has been evolving from a chaotic vibration of imperfection to a vibration of unconditional love.

Although we will go through some sort of chaos that has been predicted by the ancients for hundreds of years, everything will return to a harmonious celestial state of equilibrium.

The true Light of the Divine will then imbue our universe with the purest form of divine essence that will energize all life in the universe with pure ethereal vibrations of love and Light and all 3rd Eye will be completely open!

Anima Mundi 3rd Eye Shakti Workshops is for anyone who desires that connection to the Light and their 3rd Eye adjusted and harmonized to the new energies!

Anima Mundi Shakti 3rd Eye Workshop contains a new 3rd Eye Empowerment & many techniques for your spiritual unfoldment!

This workshop will restore your perfect natural beauty & love and prepare your soul for the transition in whatever form it might be!

In this Workshop, our goal is to activate the 3rd Eye with the new 3rd Eye energies of spiritual insight, intuition, clairvoyance and astral sight!

As your 3rd Eye unites with the new divine energies a "Mystical Marriage" takes place that initiates the birth of multidimensional consciousness!

Anima Mundi 3rd Eye Shakti-Practitioner-$95.00

Hi Victor, To describe the Power of this workshop is not easy. The frequencies of Anima Mundi 3rd Eye, are really strong. My reactions are exaggerated; 2 hours of intensive Kundalini waves. Thank you Victor, I am honored that you are my Master, Paolo

Thank you for the beautiful Anima Mundi 3rd Eye attunements. Although each attunment was 20 minutes, it felt like no-time, it was so fluid. The energy was very strong in my third eye. It was like a powerful spiral going through the third eye all the way to the back of the head and out. I felt the strong Light in the center of the head and a crown was woven with Light on my head, starting in the ajna, moving to the left, back and then to the right side of my head and ending back at the ajna. I also felt the activation of energy centers on top of each eyebrow. They felt like smaller chakras on each side of the ajna. Thank you, Victor, for being such a beautiful instrument of Light. With Love, Alba

Hi, I think that last night before falling asleep, I had a vision and physical sensation of what I think was the black sun or central sun. I felt myself tumbling downward in darkness for a long time which was quite dizzying, like I was falling, and then all of a sudden, extreme "light" came pouring in accompanied by waves of ecstasy. It was like a death/rebirth experience. It was like breaking through a barrier of some kind and was quite powerful. Then last night I dreamt of this light all night long. It was powerful and singular beaming down on me into my heart chakra it seemed. It was so bright I couldn't "look" at it directly but it was a light coming out of darkness, or surrounded by darkness, emanating from a brighter source behind it. The light was very enticing and extremely powerful, I sensed it as a force. This experience of the "central sun" was with me all night long. The light was singular, a "beam" that was emanating from a source. Very very powerful. Clara

Hi Victor! Thank You for the Anima Mundi attunements and fast response. A very subtle but profound attunement. Have wanted to do the Anima Mundi for a while and glad that the time right. Superb attunement that settled after a week quite nicely. Many Thanks Victor! Kevin

Hi Victor-love the Anima attunements nice energy! Blessings, Mark

You will receive the Anima Mundi 3rd Eye Shakti practitioner manual via Email, All Empowerments and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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