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Angelic Workshops Package

Angelic Amber Essence Energy

Angelic Amber Essence Energy is a sunny energy that can be used to transmute negative energy. Angelic Amber Essence Energy will cheer you up and help open you up to your divine blueprint. It is said to help draw sickness from the body and negativity from the emotional energy.

Angelic Amber Essence Energy - Master-$15.00

Angelic Amethyst Essence Energy

By Gabriela Yasmin Szafman

The Angelic Amethyst Essence Energy will Work: To attract justice to a situation, protect against thieves and burglars, help to increase psychic powers by opening the right brain, cuts through illusion, helps to enchance psychic abilities. The Angelic Amethyst Essence Energy also helps you to relax, helps for a good night sleep, helps with change in your life and luck.

Angelic Amethyst Essence Energy - Master-$12.00

Angelic Aura Radiance

By Hari

Angelic Aura Radiance is an excellent Aura Cleanser energy and acts to stimulate and clear all of the Chakra Energy Centers. The energy is very peaceful and relaxing, leaving you with renewed energy levels and a feeling of general peace and well being. You will also use the Angelic Aura Radiance Shielding, enabling you to protect yourself from negative energies and influences.Wonderful and experiential, it will leave you invigorated and energetically squeaky clean!

Angelic Aura Radiance - Master-$45.99

Angelic Blessings Series-

The Angelic Blessings Series is a new energy modality series that comprises six attunements that brings you loving, positive messages and energies from our Angelic Friends.

The manual contains details on all six Angelic empowerments and the attunement process.

It comes with a counterpart manual containing details of grounding, cleansing, closing down sessions, how to receive distance attunements, after care advice and basic guides on the chakras and aura. The Angel of Abundance, The Angel of Healing, Addictive Behaviour,. The Angel of Cleansing, The Angel of Space Clearing, The Angel of Communication and Expression- The Angel of Joy and Relaxation

Angelic Blessings Series-Master-$35.00

Angelic Citrine Essence Energy

By Gabriela Yasmin Szafman

When you receive your Angelic Citrine Essence Energy Attunement, you will be able to activate the Citrine energy. The Angelic Citrine Essence Energy is a success energy because it promotes success and abundance, especially in business and commerce. It is one of the few stones/energies that dissipates negative energy and never needs cleasing or clearing. It emits a warm energy that promotes joy and looking forward to the future. Energy is projective, element is fire. Use to remove nightmares, protection and psychic powers. 9 page manual

Angelic Citrine Energy Atunement - Master-$12.00

Angelic Empowerments

These empowerments are designed to assist you to connect more fully with ALL the choirs of Angels and to understand the Angelic Realm. The purpose of the Angelic Empowerments is to connect you more strongly to the natural energies of the Angelic Realm and to prepare your physical body and energy system for deeply connected individual work with the Angels.


Angelic Empowerments -Master-Level-$95.00

Angelic ExpressionsTM

By Nicole K. Lanning (c) 2007

Angelic ExpressionsTM is a new form of hands on energy work with Archangels. The purpose of the attunement is to work more closely and understand the energies of the angelic realm. Prerequisite: Reiki Master or Energy healing work. Michael - Archangel of Protection-Gabriel - Archangel of Guidance-Raphael - Archangel of Healing- Uriel - Archangel of Salvation- Chamuel - Archangel of Divine Love- Jophiel - Archangel of Illumination, Elightenment and Beauty-Zadkiel - Archangel of Mercy, Freedom and Righteousness- Cassiel - Archangel of Temperance-Metatron - Archangel of Ascension and Angel of Children-Raziel - Archangel of Knowledge and Mysteries- Sandalphon - Archangel of Prayer-Shekinah - Angel of Unity and Unconditional Love-Remiel - Archangel of Mercy (Golden Light Angel)- The 35 page manual.


Angel Journey Activations Program

By Tracey Loper

Angel Journey Activations Program connects you to your Angels and Archangels. The purpose of the Angel Journey Activation program is to connect you with your Angels so that you can stop feeling stuck in any of your life and experience the unconditional love, compassion and peace and clarity they offer. The energy of the Angel Journey Activations will bring you confidence in your ability to master your life purpose and plan and achieve success in all areas of your life with the loving and wise support of your team of Angels.

Angel Journey Activations Program- Master-$35.00

Angelic Senses

Angelic Senses is about awakening your angelic senses: Angelic Sight-Angelic Aroma-Angelic Touch-Angelic Sound-Angelic Love- 5 corresponding energetic attunements.

Angelic Senses- Master Level-$35.00

Angel Cherubim Abraxas

The Angel Cherubim Abraxas attunement connects you with the energies of Abraxas. Angel Abraxas is the angel of magick, mysteries, and manifestation. The energies of this attunement will help you with manifestation, with learning the mysteries, and with focus and centeredness in magick, as well as in working toward your goals.

Angel Abraxas will help you with improving your self esteem, your belief in yourself, and becoming successful in any area of your life. Abraxas offers the gifts of wisdom, empowerment, foresight, and vigilance (watchful protection and alertness) to you. While you do not need to have an attunement to work with Abraxas, this attunement will connect you quickly and strengthen your abilities to manifest, learn, and grow.

Angel Cherubim Abraxas Reiki Attunement - Master-$19.00

Angel Flames Reiki

The Angel Flames Reiki Attunements are for the energy that one accesses for use in working with others.The attunements require that one be attuned to Master level in one either Usui or Seichim Reiki.

The Initiation is an intent-based energy for self-empowerment available to all.

Angel Flames Reiki $15.00 - Mastership Workshop
$FREE-With any Workshop YOU Take

Angel Light Initiation

The Angel Light Initiation includes a preparation exercise, a simple Invocation method and 4 part Attunement. There is a Third Eye Attunement and a: Upper Astral Crown Initiation - Also an Initiations to connect you directly to a spiritual presence or a new guide or angel guide. It is usual to feel waves of pure love and energy washing over you as the Angels make themselves known.

Angel Light Initiation - Master Level- $35.00

Angel Light Worker Program

By Linda Colibert

You will receive 3 attunements, one for each of the Three Spheres of Angels.

There are several attunements within each Sphere that will come in automatically once the attunement for that Sphere has begun. The attunement for the First Sphere includes: The First Choir- Seraphim-Metatron-Pegasus-The Second Choir: Cherubim-Ophaniel-Dragons-The Third Choir: Thrones-Zaphkiel-FireBird Phoenix- Fourth Choir: Dominions-Zadkiel-Fifth Choir: Powers-Chamuel-Sixth Choir:-Virtues-Raphael- Third Sphere includes:-The Seventh Choir: Principalities-Haniel -The Eight Choir: Archangels-Michael-The Ninth Choir: Angels-Gabriel.

Angel LightWorker Program-Master Level-$65.00

Angelite Stone Energy Course and Attunement

By Argandini Titisari

It is a wonderful stone to promote a sense of calm, serenity and inner peace. Dispels fears, anger, and allows one to forgive. Angelite is an aid in connecting with the higher self and spirit guides. It is also excellent for balancing the physical & etheric energies, increase telepathy ability and helps to gain astral ability, for creating a psychic shield of protection & for promoting peace. It is an inner key to the realms of Light. Angelite Stone Energy is an energy healing system that using Angelite energy to unblock energy pathways. Promotes compassion and understanding-Helps in self expression and communication (effective throat chakra)-Stabilize emotional body.

Angelite Stone Energy Course and Attunement - Master-$15.00

Angel of Abundance

The Angel of Abundance brings to us the message of the blessing of light, it radiates through our hearts and minds, giving us illumination and inspiration. When we keep an open heart and mind and continue to give and receive freely the angel of abundance blesses us, except all the abundance the universe is offering too us in the clear knowledge that we are deserving of it. We can call upon the energy of the Angel of Abundance to help manifest these blessings in to our lives.

Angel of Abundance - Master-$15.00

Angels of the Earth

There are symbols in this system and the energies are of a very high vibration. This system combines the Divine Earth Energy and power of Archangels to communicate with and heal animals. It calls on Archangels Uriel, Raphael, Michael, and Gabriel to intervene and lend their power to heal animals. Your connection with this energy will heighten your telepathic and empathic abilities to both, communicate with animals and heal animals. During the attunement to Angels of the Earth-Animal Healing, you will be attuned to all of the energies of this system and the 2 symbols, which will greatly heighten your abilities to perform any and all of the techniques in this manual. Angels of the Earth teaches several techniques for communicating with animals, and healing animals. You will learn some reasons why animals become ill, and some information about the life path purpose of animals.

Angels Of The Earth-Animal Healing Reiki- Master Level-$20.00

Angels of Peace Attunement

By Linda Colibert

The Angels of Peace attunement connects you to the Angels that bring you peace and contentment. It is said there are 7 Angels of peace and their names are unknown, however there are actually at least 9 Angels of Peace and very likely more. These angels will surround you with love, light, and compassion to help you through any trial or challenge you face. The Angels of Peace help you on a personal level to restore an inner peace. The Angels of Peace can help with bring about peace between people (relationships with family, friends, and lovers).

The Angels of Peace will help with larger situations like teams, towns, communities, and countries. Working with the Angels of Peace to help change situations so that there is peace in the world, is one way of helping to raise the vibration of Earth for a peaceful, abundant, harmonic existence for all life on Mother Earth.

Angels Of Peace-Master-$21.95

Angel Reiki For Children

By Edite Peca, Beatrice Schwarz

Angel Reiki for children is a form of energy attunement that permits adults to attune children to heavenly vibrations at a very specific energy vibrational length that corresponds to the energy vibrations of children’s light being. If there are any children near you suffering from any of the problems described here just make a pray to the angels who can help with their specific problem. In Angel Reiki, You can also give children a semi-precious stone that is infused with your praying or dress a child in a particular colour, which emanates the vibrations that are most appropriate for tackling a specific problem.

Angel Reiki For Children-Master Level-$55.00

ALL Angel Workshops Masters-$455.00
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