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Angels of Energy

God made us angels of energy, encased in solids currents of life dazzling thru the material bulb of flesh. But we are now concentrated on the frailties and fragility of the bulb, and have forgotten to feel the immortal indestructible properties of the Eternal Life Energy within the changeable flesh.

Even protoplasm is immortal. So is thought. Everything is indestructible, even in the world of matter. Then why this illusion of mortality and death?

Listening to the muffled cries of millions of people stricken with a consciousness of disease, mental suffering, and Soul ignorance, let us cast aside party prejudices and formalities, let us unite our hearts to fight Ignorance the Great Satan of all religions.

Let science, instead of devising more articles of impermanent material comfort for human beings, be engaged in making man himself invulnerable to the destruction arising out of his inventions death by airplanes, electricity and automobiles and conscious of his own powers of superiority to disease, drowning, unconsciousness, pain and tragic or premature death.

Let science discover and teach the method to consciously leave our bodies so that we may pass from this world to the next consciously and without struggle and pain.

Let us separate the dross of superstition from real religion by burning it in the furnace of Scientific Investigation and Realization, and by their practical application to life. Om! Amen!

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