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Angel Of Happiness

"Wisdom is Soul's Healing Treasure!" -Victor

Founded by: Victor Glanckopf

The Angel Of Wisdom connects you directly to the highest vibrations of wisdom in the spiritual world.

As you activate the Empowerments in this Workshop, you will begin to understand how to apply deeper wisdom and knowledge in all areas of your life.

Great wisdom is one of the highest goals that ever spiritual Adept should strive for!

The Angel Of Wisdom Workshop Initiations aligns your lower bodies to divine wisdom consciousness.

The more wisdom and understanding that blossoms in you, the greater the spiritual abilities you will attain.

Wisdom is also a powerful life- transforming treasure.

This Soul Language is immeasurable and unlimited!

Wisdom is the key to communicating with your soul and the Divine.

Wisdom brings clarity about your life's purpose!

You will gain great calm and peace.

You will be Attuned to the Eye of Wisdom.

The Eye of Wisdom will radiate its all-knowing wisdom to you.

Activating The Angel Of Wisdom Workshop empowerments, you will be able to understand the joys of paradise.

Angel Of Wisdom-Practitioner-$75.00

Vic- Thanks for the Angel of Wisdom Initiations! I have so much more happiness and clarity since taking the 5 angel workshops since April! I received the attunements last night and woke up this AM with an "Ah ha" moment about an issue that I have had for months! Amazing! I am very grateful for all the workshops and your part in them. Thank you!!! Melody

You will receive the Angel Of Wisdom manual by email, All the Attunements, Shaktis and a emailed certificate.

Full Email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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