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Angelic Shields

Angelic Shields Of Protection!

Founded by: Victor Glanckopf

Angelic Shields Workshop can help protect and strengthen your aura and energy fields so you are less affected by negative energies.

Psychic attacks can come from negative people, black magic, curses, spells, witches, occult sources, psychic sources, reptilians.

We can also unconsciously pick up unwanted vibrations from invisible forces and places we visit in our lives.

These negative energies can result in physical, emotional or mental problems.

Angelic Shields Workshop will give you the energetic protection necessary to protect your life!

Angelic Shields Outline

1. Angelic Shields Clearing Mantra Attunement
2. Angelic Shields Chakra Protection Attunement
   (7 separate Empowerments)
3. Angelic Shields Akashic Records Attunement
4. Angelic Shields 10,000 Shields Of Light Initiation
5. Angelic Shields Mahatma Energy Repair Attunement
   (2 Techniques)
6. 11 Empowerments!

Angelic Shields- Practitioner Level-$175.00

Hi Victor, I want to thank you for the Angelic Shields attunements! These attunements are the best thing that have happened to me in years! If i could i would kiss you right on your forehead! The peace and ease i feel, i have not felt in many years. It is allmost as if i can now enter my body 100% and that it was not possible before. So thank you for enabling me to reach this new level of sanity and peace! Namaste, Nun

Victor-The Angelic Shieds attunements were amazing as it extended outward from my third eye and cleared so many spots of neutrality and bad feeling. I must have had some very bad "things" attached to me from all the years of trying to negate my bad experiences. I recenty bought some sigils to protect the house from negativity but they do not compare to these attunements in clearing the aura. The sigils providied some relief but the attunents help on another level. I feel a sense of calm after this first try at this and the numbness is gone from the right side of my head. I feel it will take time but this should help me on the journey. Peace Daryl

Hi-I am so grateful for these attunements Victor. I am noticing the difference right now. I am more relaxed. It is so very very important to be protected at all times especially if you are sensitive. I am getting back to praying again and this also helps....thank you once again...blessings...Loretta

Hi Victor- I am grateful- My feet felt liked they were floating off the floor and I felt a lot of hot flashes a cross my head. I felt releived of my problems and I felt like I was detoxing. thank you so much again mr victor, david

Now, 3 months later, I AM doing so much better!! I so needed Angelic Shields Attunements. All of your students should take this workshop! All the angelic attunements are helping me! They are my daily routine and my life really is changing for the better because of this Light! Happy Holidays to you and yours! Melody

You will receive the Angelic Shields practioner manual via Email, All Empowerments and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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